Black Saturday In Uyo: Mass Burial Requested By Family Of Reigners Church Collapse Victims


mass burial uyo church collapse victims

December 11, 2016 – Black Saturday In Uyo: Family Of Church Collapse Victims Ask For Mass Burial

Mass Burial Requested By Family Of Reigners Church Building Collapse Victims

These are people that woke up this morning, had their bath, dressed well and went to church for an event, only for their life to end inside the church because of a collapsed building.

It is really sad. This is not a good way to end the year.

Please let the government arrange mass burial for the victims. A monument should be raised at that site in their honour. This way memories of the fallen will be preserved through generations

I really feel like shouting, crying, screaming all at the same time.
My heart is burden, heavy, bleeding and in pain.
This is so very unfair, this is not right.
Heavens tears, earth wails, creation is besieged by pains, and sorrow.

Who will comfort the children of the slain?
Tears flow like a river in Uyo.
My soul race through my being seeking for some comfort.
May the soul of the many departed rest in the bosom of Abraham.

[By Mike Ekpo]