The True Story Of Boy Buried Alive Inside Brick Walls Of Old House In Akure Ondo State

boy buried alive brick walls akure ondo state

December 10, 2016 – Photos: Boy Buried Spiritually Inside Brick Walls Of Old House In Akure Ondo State Rescued, Police Declare Ritualist Wanted

The owner of a brick house where a young boy was rescued alive in Ondo state recently has been declared wanted by the officials of Ondo State Police Command.

The innocent boy who is said to be 12 years old was declared missing by his parents several years back.

He was rescued at a house located on Oduduwa street in Ijapo area of Akure few days ago.

When his parents were contacted, they claimed some spiritualists told them he has been used as sacrifice and that they should stop looking for him but as fate will have it, those who heard the sound of the boy as he was singing broke the wall and rescued him alive.

People are still wondering as to how the boy made it to the foundation of the building that is over 20 years old and how he managed to survive.

When eyewitnesses visited the scene , a source who identified himself as a priest said the boy was called into the place from a spiritual altar and that he has been there for more than 5 years and that they fed him with human flesh and blood from the spiritual realm.

He urged the parents of the boy to take him to a powerful native doctor for redemption ritual because he is now a demon in human form.

Check out more photos of the mystery boy below

There are so many wicked people in this part of the world.

May God deliver us from the evil ones.

19 thoughts on “The True Story Of Boy Buried Alive Inside Brick Walls Of Old House In Akure Ondo State

  1. Why is this sort of diabolic madness still happening in Nigeria???? the perpetrators should be apprehended and be given life imprisonment what kind stupid money is he or she looking for and stupid believes that by killing anybody you will become rich arrant nonsense stupidity is a fucking deases if Nigeria had proper non stop electricity non of these bastard evil witchcraft nonsense would because electricity and cctv plus competent policing strong communities this what we need we are not bloody animals for fucksakes this kind of storyline is madness that we Africans are still in serious darkness

  2. Hmmmm its only the reviewed ones that we wonder who knows how many of its kind is still unvail like we do hear that some ritualist and devils in human body goes to an extent of burying living humans on wall pilars and some evil pastors bury in their evil alters. God will surely punish them all one day

  3. this kind of story of witch craft can still be heard in Yoruba land, to make the matter worst the still advise to take the boy to a witch doctor for deliverance, they never thought of powerful man of God. you cannot use devil to cast out devil.

    90% of Yoruba’s believe in wicthcraft

  4. Thls is close to impossible and unbelievable considering the time the boy stayed and survived in that block without sufficient oxygen, no bath, no rest, and no changing of position for FIVE GOOD YEARS!!!

    But again, the pix tells it all.
    So it becomes Awestruck and a kind of miraculous.
    But then, the overrall situation reveals an indept degree of wickedness in low places perpetrated by men.
    #God is watching#

    I take a stroll…

  5. honestly *****people are very wicked, the solution the boy needs now is to get Deliverance with help of powerful man of God, otherwise that boy will cause heavy and serious problems in Ondo state.


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