Blackout At Murtala Muhammed International Airport In Lagos; Flights Diverted To Lome, Togo

blackout lagos airport

March 5, 2013 – Blackout Hit Murtala Muhammed International Airport In Lagos

Monday night at around 7:44pm was a mess at the popular International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos.

We learnt Nigeria’s Int’l Airport, Murtala Muhammed experienced a bizarre power failure last night that led to the diversion of several international flights to Lome inTogo.

According to sources, one of the aircraft was scheduled to land in Lagos at 7.44pm and had rolled its tyres out for landing when electricity supply suddenly went off.

The power failure forced the pilot to abort landing and head for Lome in Togo. It made a safe landing in Lagos around 11pm last night.

A second blackout happened after the passengers and the aircrew had entered the airport terminal.

Blackout is very common at the popular airport. Last year alone over 10 cases of sudden power failures were reported.

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8 thoughts on “Blackout At Murtala Muhammed International Airport In Lagos; Flights Diverted To Lome, Togo

  1. Its a very big disgrace to Nigeria, a international airport for that matter. You hardly hear this kind of news in other countries. Well thank God no one was hurt. Nigeria should GROW UP o

  2. But Oga Jonathan said we are better now with Nepa on CNN
    You see lies cannot keep on going on in our nation. Our lord would keep us o

  3. A big disgrace to this Nigeria. Bad govt with the all merial and resources that we have that can make us lives better and make our country look good, only thing that they know is to corrupt this country. May the Lord catch them.

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