Boko Haram Members Charged In Lagos Over Planned Attack On Kirikiri Prison

boko haram members lagos

Oct 23, 2013 – Boko Haram Members Charged In Lagos Over Planned Attack On Kirikiri Prison

Today, 4 Hausa men, Boko Haram suspects appeared before a Federal High court in Lagos.

2 of the suspects identified as Mohammed Mustapha and Adamu Mohammed were accused of planning to attack the Kirikiri prison where some alleged Boko Haram members were held in custody around June / July 2013.

The 2 other accused guys, Mohammed Ibrahim & Bura Hassaini were accused of having facilitated the activities of the militant group in Borno State by monitoring the activities of the security agents and reporting their findings on the telephone to the leaders of the sect.

All the four accused persons, who were arraigned before Justice Saliu Saidu on Tuesday, pleaded not guilty to all the three counts preferred against them by the Federal Government.

No lawyer represented the accused persons during the proceedings, but the charges were read in English language and interpreted to them in Hausa language.
The suit was with charge number, FHC/L/3169/13.

According to the first count, the four were arrested sometime in June/July 2013 at Wasein, a hideout at Orile-Iganmu area, Apapa, Lagos, and at 3, Denton Street, Yaba, Lagos, by a team of security agents “for belonging to a proscribed organisation to wit: ‘Boko Haram’ sect”.

10 thoughts on “Boko Haram Members Charged In Lagos Over Planned Attack On Kirikiri Prison

  1. most para millitary ..immg,prisons and other sensitive agencies need to be overhauled..too many bad eggs and judases in them than leak infos…all the jail break we ve had before is well orchestrated by inside men..if they like let them hire 50 interpreters.the law should take its full course on those rascals

  2. They shuld 4get abt al d court issue nd shoot d BASTARDS without further hesitation….their master d Devil awaits dm in Hell!

  3. BOKO…HARAM in lag! Eeeeeeeeehhh……. Jeusus my life is in ur hands oooo…… So north no do dis blood suckin demon.

  4. Hmm @Sammychuks you are a very wise guy and intelligent.this case is very complicated and should be treated with diplomacy for the safety of Lagos residents,am sure the bokoers are waiting for a case to hold and strike.

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