Niger Delta Militants, MEND Bomb Warri NNPC Oil Refinery

warri oil refinery mend

Oct 22, 2013 – Niger Delta Militants, MEND Bomb Warri NNPC Oil Refinery

Earlier today, a major fire was spotted at the NNPC refinery in Warri city, Delta State.

Though the fire was later quenched 40 minutes after, but a lot of damage has been done.

Moments after the fire, Niger Delta’s militant group, Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) released a media statement claiming responsibility for the attack.

In a statement, MEND claim they intend to destroy the whole refinery.

Check out the official press statement below:

As long as President Goodluck Jonathan continues to rely on an unsustainable and fraudulent Niger Delta Amnesty programme, peace and security will continue to elude his government in the region,” it said, adding, “‘Hurricane Exodus’ is on course!’”

9 thoughts on “Niger Delta Militants, MEND Bomb Warri NNPC Oil Refinery

  1. pure sabortage…oliver twist united movement,they want some more…..probably..asari has been swimming in wealth,flaunting it,bragging…floating a university off shore with our commonwealth and even adopted the host country as his new found home..tompolo nko ?flying private jets.let us keep feeding these good for nothing millitants rather than erecting infrastructures and job creation for those in need

  2. A clear action of some group of lazy-abt redondant n misguided societal parasites… Wat do they stand 2 gain 4rm dis action nw? Can anytin gud come out of rebellion?

  3. Govt.should not give any money to those so call niger-delta millitants,let govt. bring jobs, infrastructions,hospital,school,good road i mean light 24 o 7 all good things to they people, not giving people like asari or tompolo e.t.c money,they just pockets it and live the rest people die porvity and things like this will come over and over again.niger-delta people need help cos the money of oil come in that place ,they own majority oil in their states i know we have in edo,ondo,now in lagos and ogun,but with their own we use since and still useing and they have majority of it comes their,but not give fews money and power to runn thier destiny,they wont give the poor cent,so use it directly in form of goods things particurly jobs e.t.c to the people.

  4. Ds country ehhhh… Northerners ve boko haram,southerners ve mend,wad abt d west n east? They shd also form a grp na. Mayb God help us.

  5. I dnt even blame this hungry lions rather i blame the good for nothing president for all their character. they want to start their militant-haram again? bunch of idiots. sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

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