Boko Haram Republic: It Is 2014 And Nigeria Has Already Divided


boko haram republic

Nov 1st, 2014  – Boko Haram Republic: It Is 2014 And Nigeria Has Already Divided 

The leadership of Nigeria by announcing a meaningless unilateral cessation of fire with Boko Haram terrorists succeeded in giving the terror organization unprecedented credibility. The terrorists now assumed a status as a “rebel” group with control of territory. From a group of bandits hanging out in Sambisa forest, Boko Haram has since April of this year, emerged and overrun and captured large chunks of the northeast.

Boko Haram Republic is established and continues to expand reducing the territory of Nigeria. The Nigerian leadership is excited with the results from systematically carving out Boko Haram Republic, an independent State for the President of Chad and Ali Modu Sheriff to manage in the farming fertile, oil rand uranium rich northeast; and to this effect have played all types of games including recently announcing the meaningless cessation of fire, to enable the success of this disintegration ploy.

Negotiations with terrorists; declarations of ceasefire’s, albeit, unilaterally, the request by the Nigerian government for sanctions on Boko Haram and the refusal of Nigeria to engage the terrorists and enable the arming of its citizens to defend themselves from the occupying terrorist forces who have been left to “govern” over 12 local governments, implies the establishment of an autonomous region and state from Nigeria’s former territorial boundaries. Boko Haram Republic is alive.

The prediction that Nigeria would divide by 2015 has indeed come to pass. While Nigerians eyes were focused elsewhere, expecting a disintegration to be initiated by unsatisfied players in the Southeastern aspects, the division was taking place in the northeast and most were oblivious to it.

The full boundaries of Boko Haram Republic are yet to be defined. One cannot yet determine how much of Nigeria’s territorial land President Goodluck Jonathan has agreed upon selling to new found terrorist nation.

French is likely to be the official language of this new state according to most analysts as most leaders of Boko Haram are agents from neighboring Frenc h nations- Cameroon, Chad and Niger and negotiations with the terrorist leadership of the new State has been taking place in Cameroon and Chad , coordinated by Idriss Deby, the President of Chad.

[About the author: Dr. Peregrino Brimah, ENDs]