Explosion Hits Mr Biggs In Abuja On Easter Monday

bomb explosion mr biggs abuja

April 2nd, 2013 – Can Bomb Explosions Rocks Mr Biggs In Abuja On Easter Monday

On Monday April 1st 2013, area residents of Karu in Abuja were thrown into pandemonium after a sudden explosion that started from a waste can on an empty plot of land at the back of MR BIGGS restaurant destroyed multi-million properties.

According to residents, the explosion that happened around 4:35pm on Monday baffled passersby and destroyed windows of buildings nearby.

The worst hit is Karu Shopping complex that housed MR Biggs restaurant.

No injuries were reported in the explosion and investigation continues.

12 thoughts on “Explosion Hits Mr Biggs In Abuja On Easter Monday

  1. were do u peopel tink they will not enter. Security or no securit, 9ja government no them and they do notin 2 stop dem. Well, let dem kip quit until war start. Kit well 9ja

  2. The only solution to this north menace is to convoke National Dialogue and allow north to do their things since they have the same ideology. The Christians among them can relocate; I’m sure other parts of New Nigeria will allow them freedom of living their lives.

    Nigeria has lost souls tru boko haram. We should start thinking about preserving lives through creating Northern Nigeria Republic.

    I wonder why Nigerians are afraid of national dialogue. Do Nigerians prefer bokoharam elimimating Nigerians gradually until they weaken the populace? I dont think Naija will lose anything by calling a spade a spade.

  3. As long as good luck jonathan contest boko haram wil stil continue,bt if he steps down,boko haram wil stop.boko haram is nt a religious crises,but a political crises.

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