Brazilian Man Changed His Face To Dog Face By Plastic Surgery (Photos)

brazilian man dog face plastic surgeryhuman gets dog face plastic surgery

June 23, 2013 – Brazilian Man Changed His Face To Dog Face By Plastic Surgery (Pictures)

In a bizarre twist of case, a man from Brazil has deemed it fit to continue living the rest of his life as a dog.

The dog lover who plans to make history as the world’s first dog man has paid an undisclosed large amount of money for a plastic surgery to transform his human face to the face of a dog.

Indeed there are different kinds of people in this strange world.

How can a man change his handsome face to that of a cute dog.

End time is here folks

See more photos from dog man’s plastic surgery procedure below;

man changed face to dog

79 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Changed His Face To Dog Face By Plastic Surgery (Photos)

  1. Their is a way dat seems right to a man but the end is destruction. What wil it profit u wan d world has kwn u, and u end up in hellfire……..

  2. Am not too suprise cos the world of GOD is coming to pass,and the world is at its stage of stupendious and illiumutics crisis.

  3. No wonder…. He’s a white! None of african ca do such an evil……Lord the sit is yrs to Judge but help me Father

  4. May GOD help d white race bcos dis is getting out of hands.What on earth can man be having with a common dog?Could it be dat he is demonised thru occultic manipulations?

  5. Its when yu are rich & comfortable dat yu will luk 4 what is not lost .can a poor person try it

  6. This is the work of the devil. How can he dicided to look as a dog. How can the doctors accepted to did the surgery. tHEY ARE ALSO STUPID.

  7. i knw dis guy has sin against God and himself…….. Wel is not 2 bad, him said he want leave em life lyk dog dat mean say d guy go d chop shit lyk dog

  8. what kind of dog lover could be a person that kills a dog just to look like a dog, stupid crazy criminal.

  9. wow! is that for real? I cant believe it.
    he was handsome. why he did that. My idea is that he is sick. oh my God

  10. JeeeeeeZ!** I can’t belive this outregious story. How can a handsome man do such a thing.. Very bad!

  11. God has a plan…..
    God Desires to express Himself through man (Rom 8:29).
    For this purpose, He created man in His Own image (Gen 1:26).
    Just as a glove is made in the image of a hand ,
    so also man is made in the image of God to contain God,
    By receiving God as His content, man can express God (2 Cor 4:7).

  12. The question is how does he smell and how he endure such condition of dead dog and the dogs face wouldent be corrupted or spoiled


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