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Bribery: Yorubas & Hausas Clash In Lekki Lagos Caused By Police – Residents

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Bribery: Yorubas & Hausas Clash In Lekki Lagos Caused By Police – Residents

yoruba hausa clash lekki lagos

Dec 1st, 2014 – Yoruba Bus Drivers In Lekki Blasts Lagos Police For Taking Bribe From Hausa Okada Riders After Ban

Bribery: Yorubas & Hausas Clash In Lekki Lagos Caused By Police – Residents

Two persons were said to have died after the police, okada riders and commercial motorists clashed in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State.

Mayhem was created in the area after okada riders allegedly threw stones at some policemen in a desperate attempt to evade arrests on Wednesday, following a reported ban of motorcycles in the estate.

We learnt the police launched a reprisal on the motorcyclists ─ who were mostly Hausas ─ shooting one of them to death in the process.

On Thursday, the riders were said to have attacked commercial motorists who they alleged of plotting with the police to exclude them from the transport activities in the area.

The riot was said to have reached a climax on Friday when the okada riders stormed the motor park and vandalised no fewer than 23 buses.

Our correspondent, who visited the area around 3pm on Friday, observed about 23 damaged vehicles.

Remnant of a burnt motorcycle and tyres were also seen at the scene, while the inside of some buses were littered with blood.

Our correspondent learnt further that an okada rider was attacked with a cutlass and later died, while other members of both parties sustained degrees of injuries.

Anxious passersby were seen on the road as they could not get vehicles to convey them from the troubled area.

A resident, Isaac Emmanuel, told PUNCH Metro that the violence almost degenerated to inter-ethnic crisis, but for police from Maroko Police Station, who restored normalcy to the neighbourhood.

“The whole thing started on Wednesday between the police and okada riders. They were throwing stones at the policemen who wanted to seize their motorcycles. A mobile policeman shot one of the riders dead. Meanwhile, there is a longstanding rift between okada riders and shuttle bus drivers. So they thought it was those drivers using the police to victimise them.

The clash was so intense that the estate main gate had to be shut. In fact, I was nearly attacked, but I was left alone because I spoke Yoruba. I don’t know the actual number of casualties, but both parties sustained injuries apart from a rider that was hacked to death.”

However, an executive member of the park, Mr. Augustin Olufosoye, absolved his colleagues from the motorcyclist’s death, claiming that they were busy running for safety.

He said, “Lekki Residents Association banned okada here two years ago. The truth is that what happened here was caused by the police.

“They collect money from them and allow them to operate after the association had banned them.

“That is why they are agitating when the police suddenly turned against them.

“But I don’t know why they decided to frustrate us and damaged our property. They vandalised about 31 buses.

“We ran away from them. Five of our members were injured and three are in the Marina General Hospital.

[Reported By PunchNG]



  1. Obinna

    December 1, 2014 at 7:06 AM

    why starting the war early? you guys should wait till after the election. because nothing will stop it come march next year.

  2. aj

    December 1, 2014 at 8:28 AM

    allies fighting ,is to early


    December 1, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    These ***** biggots are bringing their madness to the south after running away from the problem of Boko Haram they created after their states declared Shariah they never were able to observe. Boko Haram emerged to enforce what they later reneged in observing. Any wonder their evil intentions have backfired and now are running from it. For the larger part of Nigeria nationhood they have ruled and yet remain the poorest of all. Why will the north constitute about 90% of the poorest of Nigeria poor population if not for the ineptitude of their leaders who don’t seem to see looting of public cuffers as a crime. Their looting leaders seem resigned to giving alms on fridays to millions of their compatriots poor instead of creating jobs for them to survive, meanwhile they do so as a religious obligation to pave way for their going to heaven after death. Any wonder the north has produced millions of jobless and young brigades ready to die for Boko Haram extremism, who also have turned the sod against their own leaders.? Hence the north has become a breeding ground for muslim extremists just as seen in Afganistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria etc. The Hausa invasion of the south must be monitored and checked before they become uncontrollable nuisance to the law abiding citizens in the society.

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