British Nigerian Man Junior Bayode Jailed For Murder Writes From Prison Cell

british nigerian jailed for murder

January 4, 2016 – British Nigerian Man Junior Bayode Jailed For Murder Writes From Cell, Begs UK Government Not To Deport Him

A convicted killer who allegedly stabbed a teen to death in a brutal attack on March 25, 2010, British Nigerian man Junior Bayode has written a letter of complain from his jail cell.

Bayode who is currently serving 11 years after being found guilty of manslaughter told the Prison Chiefs that he knows nothing about life in Nigeria. 22-year-old Bayode said he has never even been to Nigeria where his mother was born.

Hear him:

“I was born in Germany on the 29th of January 1993 and came to the UK with my mother as an infant when I was 9 months old.
“I have neither travelled nor been to any other country since I arrived in the UK over 20 years ago.
“My past, my present and my future is firmly rooted in British soil, hence why I am struggling to understand why I have been served with a deportation order to a country I have never been to – Nigeria.
“I concede that this is where my mother is from but she has lived in the UK since 1993.
“The Home Office have disregarded everything about me; from my childhood to the relationship I have with my partner of 4 years, to the bonds between myself, my mother and siblings, and all for what?

“To achieve a target? I understand that the Home Office must consider many factors when they make such decisions, but it appears they only, misconstrue and even invent factors that work in favour of their pursuit, to reduce net migration at any cost, regardless of the devastation they cause and the human rights they breach.
“I was distraught when I read on the order that I can only appeal after my deportation.
“I may not have been born here but all I know is the British way of life.”

Bayode is currently jailed at HMP Moorland in South Yorks.


10 thoughts on “British Nigerian Man Junior Bayode Jailed For Murder Writes From Prison Cell

  1. I understand you but Bayode is your name, na una brothers hold naija economy so you will get a good job when come back here or maybe naija Nollywood will feature you in movies as no only handsome men and beautiful women dem dey feature for there movie, weda u sabi act or not dem go choose u.

  2. Good for you. Why are you asking why you are been treated this way? Let me ask you, when you were stabbing another human being with a knife, what were you thinking????? Do you have an idea what the family of the man you killed have been passing thru since his Demise. ???? You are still alive but the person you killed will never come back so my guy deal with it and may you rot in jail.

  3. Oh boy, the British authority has every right to toss you out of their Country because you’re not a British citizen. What you should be doing now is to start working with your attorney may be you can be shipped to Germany where you were born. That’s if Germany is ready to take you. No sane Country will allow you to roam their city after committing homicide at tender age. You need to invite your mother so that you can start working on plan B. British has its own law and that you have been living in UK since when you are 2 years old doesn’t justify the case on the ground. You have committed a grievance offense which is a deportable offense. The same measure will apply if you live in U.S or other advance nations. I will be glad if you can shipped down to Nigeria to come and learn the remaining lessons that your parents refused to teach you.

  4. As a foreigner living in another man’s land, good character is the key to avoiding deportation. What gave you the audacity to take the life of a fellow human being, and yet want to remain in Britain? You just have to learn the Nigerian way of life after your deportation. Even as a permanent resident, murder is an offense of moral turpitude and the offender is deportable. Save the money you are spending on lawyers for your return to Nigeria, you are going to need it and believe me, garri is expensive, not to mention the chips and chicken, hamburgers and sausages that you are used to eating in the U.K. Our children need to be taught more of our culture, respect for authority and the law. Unfortunately, this is where most Nigerian kids are ending up because the mothers are too busy working with the wrong prioties, to have money to buy aso-ebi and jewelry, rather than properly train and raise their children.

  5. This guy Junior Bamidele is not a Nigerian. However, I’m not denying the fact that he parents are Yoruba Nigerians. But he is German citizen by virtue of his birth place. The London home office cannot deport Bamidele to a nation where he has never visit nor possess her international passport. Bamidele is also not a British citizen either, if the laws states that any criminal should be deported back to his or her country of origin, Mr. Bamidele by law should be sent back to Germany his country of birth. There is price for every act of crime and criminal behavior. therefore, Mr. Bamidele, you should carry your cross and repent of you wrong to God. If you are forgiven, He can again turn your life around.

  6. He have no German Passport,u cant born in Germany and have German Passport not possible, 1 of ur parents have to have nationality b4,u can be parent have no German Passport,they dont even have normal stay not to say nationality,u cant enter Germany sorry,i live in Germany for 22ys.Forget it,u will eat garri,as 1 person say b4, only darkness 24 o 7 for weeks ,if not months is ok for young man,u will now learn in gud way,u have enter 1 chance bus.

  7. The past is the past, just show remorse for what you’ve done if u did it and move on with life. Dude u got 11 years put your head down do courses keep fit mentally and physically and come out as a KING even if they deport u to Nigeria trust me it’s not the worse place in the world u will survive and do good for yourself.nigeria is not as bad as you think. It’s all in the head. Don’t forget keep your head down,keep fit and do courses ( distant learning) you might be the next best thing Nigeria has to offer you never know. Shout out all the guys @ HMP MOORLAND

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