Brother Of Murdered Abuja Preacher, CAC Prophet Prophet Ayodele Says He Saw Her Beheaded In A..

brother murdered abuja preacherCousin of deceased

July 12, 2016 – Brother Of Murdered Abuja Preacher Mama Gbazango, CAC Pastor Stephen Ayodele Says He Saw Her Beheaded In A Dream

In an exclusive chat with Daily Telegraph, the Pastor in charge of CAC Power of Restoration, Parkview Estate Ikorodu Lagos said he dreamt of how some people beheaded his sister.

The Pastor who arrived Abuja on Monday said he spoke to her several times on Friday.

He said he was led to warn the deceased and her husband not to travel because he saw death coming their way.

Hear him:

“I made myself available to God to see clearly something for my juniors. As a man of God, I don’t have anything that I am doing; only the ministry.

“About a month ago, I dreamt that they cut the head of a lady. In the dream, I said whao! I carried the head and started pursuing the people that cut the head. Then, I woke up. Immediately I woke up, I heard a voice that I should go into fasting and prayer. I fasted for five days.

“My father is sick and has been living with me. I do take him to hospital and bring him back home. I thought that perhaps, it was my daddy that was going to die. But the way I saw the head, it was a woman’s head, a lady but the face resembled my daddy’s face.

“When my in-law now told me what happened on Saturday, I was silent for good three hours. I had headache. As I am sitting with you, I have not eaten and there is nothing you can give me that I can eat that will make me satisfied or even be in my system.

People have been coming and asking me questions, so that is why I said they should give me hot water to just drink and clear my throat. I told them don’t put anything; I don’t need any tea. “What I am bringing out from this issue is that I saw it coming.

It was after some time after I heard the news of my sister’s death that I now recalled that this must be what God revealed to me. I said to myself, it (the dream) has been accomplished now. Lord, what is the way out?

“My lovely sister is gone. But she had always contributed to the ministry of God. She worked for God. Even in the church that I pastor, she sowed seeds there.”

Prophet Ayodele said on visiting the mortuary where the deceased preacher was kept, he noticed that her attackers stabbed her on the breast, slit her throat and hand.

22 thoughts on “Brother Of Murdered Abuja Preacher, CAC Prophet Prophet Ayodele Says He Saw Her Beheaded In A..

  1. Yet all this stupid coward set of police had first reported that, there was no mark of injuries on the slain lady Preacher.

    How unreliable and false the police who claims the are our friends could be? Who will see white and tell all and sundry that its black. May God punish them all.

    Another aspect to consider here is when, where and the way this lady was killed.

    Remember she was killed around a certain mosque, and the mark found on her has it that her throat was slit.

    It therefore means all this shrines we see as mosques are actually ARSENAL of weapons. What an irony? This is one religion that claims to be of PEACE, yet has swords, knives, bow & arrows in their praying places.
    I am quite sure that one cannot lack AK47s in most mosques especially, all these their central mosques. So that weapons should be handy in case of any possible fight while praying to their gods.

    May God deliver muslims from this cult called islam.


    • I advise all Christians as a matter of urgency to leave the north now!!! Not when death is already involved you now plan to relocate.
      And to all northern muslims in the south, southerners should start secretly eliminating them. That’s my judgement.
      An eye for an eye may leave everyone blind, but at least alive and peace loving.

    • Mr. Hunter, you are really funny with your write up “It therefore means all this shrines we see as mosque are actually ARSENAL of weapons” . Oh may God Almighty protect us from this kind of babaric act from the so called muslems.

    • @Hunter, you just raised a wonderful point here. Mosques are repository of all manner of deadly weapons: daggers, matchete, and even guns. If there should be raid in all the mosques across Nigeria, what would be found would be enough to set up the whole military power of some African countries. Yet they tell us peace! peace! peace!

  2. Evil will never cease to end in this world full of evil minded people who have signed for HELL already. Leave everything for God pastor, He will do His own. RIP to the woman

  3. ****** people you have not seen anything, millions of Biafrans have died nobody gave them referendum jost one of you they killed you came out to shout. You can’t get it because your brother. osibanjo is VP to buhari the *** president not possible.

  4. may her soul rest in peace, and u said u saw it coming, u shld hv fasted and prayer hard and God in his mercy would save her, she wouldn’t hv died. I blame u pastor brother for that. and stop saying u saw it coming, what did u do extra to nullify d dream for coming to reality?
    Jesus said anyone died for my sake shall inherit d Kingdom of God. am sure she’s been welcome into heaven by angels, no doubt she’s in heaven.
    ask ourselves what hv we done to inherit God’s kingdom?

  5. My broda be rest assured ur sister is in d safe hands of d Almighty GOD, GOD does not dissapoint HIS matyrs, and HE will never do it.


  7. Livining Together with the North and south of Nigeria is Negotiable, We want Referendum. Let all Man Answer his Father’s Name. Let All Christians rise up and fight back. Its Not only The Muslim that knows how to kill. No muslim has the Monopoly of killing Christians. Iam tired of enduring and tolerating them.

  8. Hmmmm take heart my brother, we thank God for her life bcos we believe now she is with Jesus christ.
    As for d killers their judgement is already awaiting them from God, even if the authorities decide to let them escape justice here on earth, they will definately not escape d eternal damnation in Hell they av brought upon themselves.
    Sleep on sister and continue to rest in d bossom of the Lord.

  9. Muslim is a not a peaceful religion i knew that long time age, i dont know when they will stop killing and shedding of blood.

  10. you are very right. I wonder what kind of religion you are practising that you will be the one fighting for your God. Your God is so dump and dull that he can not fight for himself. Any religion inflicting pains on people is terrorism and one should be diplomatic in dealing with them. If their so call leaders even government that can call them to order, the battle is for God and he will fight it for us


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