Photos: Female Kidnapper From Benin Republic Arrested In Lagos Says 27 Were Sent To Nigeria To..

female kidnapper benin republic arrested lagos

July 12, 2016 – Pictures: Female Kidnapper From Benin Republic Arrested In Okokomaiko Lagos Says 27 Kidnappers Were Sent To Nigeria To Kidnap Children

A middle-age woman from Benin Republic escaped death by a whisker yesterday after two women accused her of being a kidnapper.

The lady who disguised as a mad woman was found wandering around Okokomaiko around 8am yesterday.

After noticing her suspicious movement in the community plagued with frequent cases of missing children, she was confronted and when she couldn’t give a satisfactory answer, the youths descended on her.

She was beaten to stupor before she allegedly confessed that she and 26 other women were sent to Nigeria from The Republic of Benin to kidnap children.

She added that each of them were given 5 phone numbers to contact their buyers once they succeeded in kidnapping children.

“The suspected kidnapper almost threw her phone away after she was caught by the mob to avoid detection,” a witness, who pleaded anonymity, said.

She was rescued by police the moment tyre was placed around her body yesterday.

The Beninese woman has been transferred to SCID Panti Yaba for investigation.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Female Kidnapper From Benin Republic Arrested In Lagos Says 27 Were Sent To Nigeria To..

  1. Evil woman. How I so wished you were set ablaze. Anyways go and expose your colleague in jail. Yeye dey smell

  2. God .Kidnappers from Benin Rep, this time women 27 just going after naija kids ,God have mercy.

  3. Pls allow this woman to give us a clue where others are hidden before the authorities deal with her hence there’s no way you can identify other 26 from Benin republic parents be watchful God will safe us in Nigeria

  4. Na wao what’s going on for God sake! Love of money. A friend of mine from okoko is just now telling me the issue before opening this site and really seing it myself. God! how are we going to do our children going to school? God come to our rescue. Not every one can afford schools offering bus to convey this kids to school. God help.

  5. Wonders shall never end, God save us in this country. These people are everywhere, parents please be careful oo

  6. Pls let’s watch and pray for our children from dis blood sucking demons.
    From across the border, let’s us be at alert and report any suspicious activities going on arround us o. Be ur brothers keeper.
    Let d police do a thorough investigation I want to believe she can still give more information as to how to arrest others.

  7. may God punish u, u left ur own country to Nigeria were u can kidnap. that how d other 26 will be caught.

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