Buhari Extends Medical Leave Time As Doctors Recommend Further Tests For Ear Infection

buhari extends medical vacation time

June 16, 2016 – Buhari Extends Medical Vacation Time As Doctors Recommend Further Tests For Ear Infection

President Buhari will not be returning to Nigeria today as scheduled but will be back on Sunday.

According to a statement by Osinbajo, PMB will return to the country on Sunday and will resume work on Monday.

Here is the official statement by Osinbajo on Buhari’s condition below:

”Buhari will resume in his office on Monday morning,”.

“The President will be back on Sunday. I spoke with him yesterday evening and I think it is just the best that he takes the weekend off. He will certainly be back on Sunday.
“I think the most straightforward thing is when he will be back. He will be back on Sunday.

There is no point rushing back on Friday or something like that.
“He will just take the weekend off and be back on Sunday. He is in perfect health and ready to resume work on Monday morning.

“Mr. President is in good condition, he is fine, he is very well. He should take a day or two off in London and rest a bit and come back hale and hearty on Sunday and be ready for work on Monday. So we expect him back on Sunday,”.

Buhari was treated for ear infection shortly after he arrived London on Monday the 6th of June. Doctors recommended further evaluation as a precaution.

15 thoughts on “Buhari Extends Medical Leave Time As Doctors Recommend Further Tests For Ear Infection

  1. May he get well swiftly. May Allah touch him with His miracle hands, guide and protect him for his family and our nation, Nigeria.

  2. It’s a big shame that Nigeria Politicians,the president included will always be seeking medical treatment abroad.

    Can’t you people fix the hospitals and employ qualified doctors? How long will Nigeria remain this way. Why is it that non of you politicians get the balls to back out from this allegiance you pledged to your colonial masters?

    Honestly,i weep for my Country Nigeria…..God please rescue us.

  3. Mr. President should take good care of his health, take a good rest, and do a thorough medical follow up before coming back to Nigeria for the business of the people. Nigerian people need this great leader to push us through this challenging, harsh, and difficult times. I pray that God Almighty will grant PMB good health, long life, wisdom, and divine understanding to lead us in the right track of progress, economic prosperity, and stability. The vice president is also doing a good job of taking care of the state affairs in the absence of his boss-Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces. Wishing the president a speedy recovery. May God guide, protect, and bless president Mohammed Buhari and vice president Yemi Osinbajo us the difficult jobs ahead. Amen.

  4. All of a sudden, there is an ear infection? How come? Was he slapped by some angry forces while he slept for for registering Nigeria under OIC: Organisation of Islamic Countries when Nigeria is a Christian dominated Country?

    What happened to this fulani mallam‘s ear/s?
    I think he has more than just an ear infection. He also has “Speech Infection“

    Maybe after the ears treatment, they will commence Tongue treatment on him so that he can start pronouncing some words correctly. E g, instead of Culture he pronouces it as “CALCHA“ disgracing this mighty Country of brains with professors uncountables with his backward old fashioned bad English anywhere he goes. Rubbish!

    Why not speak in hausa and get an interpreter instead? Or better still, speak in fulani just like some country‘s presidents who do not understand or knows how to speak well do?

    I take a stroll.

  5. I only hope that the Sunday hope comes through. The kind of rumours and insinuations flying about is like a political history is about to repeat itself.

  6. its the Holy spirit dat slaps him for refusing to listen to Nigeria’s cry! dis is a wake-up/warning slap for u mr.president next will be death sentence slap.

  7. Funny guy @D Hunter. But that’s true. I strain my ears whenever PMB is speaking. And when he is done, I would be amazed that I did not understand anything.

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