Buhariphobia: Obanikoro Relocates To Atlanta, Bags Masters As EFCC Begins His Extradition

obanikoro buhariphobia

May 15, 2016 – Buhariphobia: Obanikoro Relocates To Atlanta, Bags Masters Degree In History As EFCC Plans His Extradition

One of the smart politicians who fled the shores of Nigeria to America the moment Buhari took office is former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro.

The controversial politician who allegedly headed Fayose’s election rigging scandal left Nigeria immediately Buhari defeated Jonathan last year.

Obanikoro who is now chopping Naija money quietly with his family just graduated with a Masters degree in History from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.

According to informed sources, Obanikoro is not coming back to Nigeria any time soon because of the ongoing corruption probe.

EFCC is currently processing the extradition of Obanikoro, Muazu and other politicians who shared from Dasuki loot.

He can run but can’t hide. He like others will be forced to return home to face questioning for money laundering.

12 thoughts on “Buhariphobia: Obanikoro Relocates To Atlanta, Bags Masters As EFCC Begins His Extradition

  1. From wherever you are, you will be called home to give explanation on how you misused office during your tenure.

  2. Congratulations to him ja re, book is not easy for young brains talk less of “big man”. By the time this administration rounds up its tenure the man must have bagged PHD and be ready for next political appointment. Smart move indeed!!!

  3. Naijagist please don’t call this act a smart move. This guy stole millions of Dollars of Nigerians money and tried to settle himself and his family down in the United State. That is not going to work out. I’m positive very soon he will be extradited back to Nigeria to come and face justice. What ‘s wrong with all these useless people?. You destroyed your mother land and decided to relocate to white man’s Country. Let me ask this Buffon a question, if those people in United States destroyed their Country just as you did, do you think you will have a place to hide?. You think after subjecting innocent people to unbearable hardship you can finally sit down in the US to enjoy your loot. No this is unjust, besides do you have a conscience at all?. You cannot escape the wrath of God useless individual.

  4. Obanikoro should be sent back to Nigeria to answer EFCC questions. I am sure Nige govt. knows how to go about it. He will be sent back. Don’t worry, there is no hiding place in America for any corrupt run-away thief.

  5. Time is the fastest.No one has ever ran faster than TIME…..Pls,EFCC teach them all these fact.

  6. By the time EFCC conclude their investigation and file extradition proceeding all this will amount to nothing, getting a degree does not exonerate or wipe out your past mis-deeds as a public officer. and please naijist don’t encourage this type of mentality, how is this man label a smart person? Remember PMB has now gotten the support of many heads of state and governments around the world to recover looted monies.

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