Buhari’s Islamization Agenda For Nigeria: A Fact Or Fiction

buhari plan islamize nigeria

August 30, 2016 – The Islamization of Nigeria: A Fact Or Fiction 

President Muhammad Buhari’s All People’s Congress (APC) led government of Nigeria has been accused of having an agenda to Islamize Nigeria, this is not new, it was one of the rhetoric the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) used in the southern part of Nigeria during the 2015 presidential election campaigns.

These allegations have refuse to go away, those who hold this view include Governor Ayo Fayose, Mr Fani Kayode, and Elder Solomon Asemota, who is the chairman of National Christian Elders Council.

The world over conspiracy theories exist, the promoters of these theories allege that the government of the day is involved in secret and covert activities, to influence the direction of specific events.

The promoters of the Islamization of Nigeria conspiracy theory have been very vocal, they claim the Buhari’s government wants to islamize Nigeria through the back door. They have compiled a dossier to sell their argument; appointment of Northerners in key government positions, prosecution of Southerners who served in the previous Federal government, the visit of President Buhari and some Northern Governors to Saudi Arabia, the amendment of the FCT Sharia law, the killing of villagers in the South by Fulani herdsmen, and the recent visit by Mr John Kerry, the US Secretary of States to the Northern part of Nigeria.

The Government and the Moslem leadership in Nigeria have denied the allegation of having an agenda to islamize Nigeria. The typical Nigerian politician work with members of other religious faith when it benefits them, and they work against members of other religious faith when they have nothing to gain. The fear and suspicion about a back door plan to Islamize Nigeria is as a result of the faulty Federal system of government we operate as a nation; too much power at the centre, the winner takes all, and the regional States cannot survive without revenue allocation from the centre.

The Federal Government should put its house in order, policies and appointments made should be fair to all faith and sections of the country. The Government should avoid creating situations that fuels conspiracy theories and allegations.

The claim of the existence of a plot to Islamize Nigeria predates the current Federal government. Politicians should avoid flying the religious kite to score cheap political points. The Government of the day should be confronted when they misgovern, antagonizing and inciting the people against the government will not move the country forward.
Nigerians should be weary of politicians and individuals who use religion to steer up emotions. Nigerian politicians belong to one religion , what they worship is money.

[Article by JOHN UZIE]

17 thoughts on “Buhari’s Islamization Agenda For Nigeria: A Fact Or Fiction

  1. I KNOW not whether or not Buhari plans to actualize that Islamization agenda, but the veracity of that long-term evil plot cannot be refuted. It all started in 1989, Abuja Declaration. Nigeria is a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

    BUHARI, FOR CERTAIN, DANCES to the tune. He is subtle, as the plan requires time and finesse, so that before the others wake up, they would have gone so far with the plan, and it would have been too late. The national grazing bill is a good strategy for this. Since when did a private business of cattle herding become a national issue that the federal government would have to acquire acres of lands in every state of the federation for those weapon wielding nomads? Or is this an attempt to place them at strategic points and give them a reasonable population to be able to attack a city when the order is eventually given?

    THIS NATIONAL GRAZING BILL REMINDS me of the Trojan Horse, which the people of Troy presented to their enemies as a sign of peace. In ignorance, the enemies accepted, unbeknownst to them that the people of Troy had hidden their best fighters inside the wooden horse. Then at night, when the whole city had sunk deep in slumber, the hidden fighters came out and slew them all, thus eliminating their enemies from the inside. This is exactly what the grazing bill will achieve, even if they say otherwise.

    THEN AGAIN, WHY WOULD Nigeria have two constitutions active at the same time in the country? We have the Nigeria Construction as well as Shariah law, which are both legally active. You check the edges of the naira note and what you see is Islamic inscriptions. And why is Nigeria registered as an Islamic country? Who made those decisions to represent only Islam in a multi-religious country like Nigeria?

    THIS IS the subtlety were are talking about. Christians should resist this while there is time. Remember that after they maim and kill, they say Peace. They would “peacefully” convert everybody to the worship of Allah. May God forbid!

  2. Folks should not lose their sleep over this none issue, a lot of gallant Northern soldiers;active and retired are Christians. If Buhari follow that path, then Gen. Babangida was right to had deposed him in 1985. Since Buhari came back, Gen. Babangida has been using comparative language to give credence to what he had to do back then to arrest bigotry in Buhari/ Idiagbon regime. Buhari must finish his term, then Nigerians will not give him second chance to continue his cluelessness.

  3. Only an evil minded person, group, and political parties use highly divisive and evil weapons of religion, fear and tribalism to score political point or win election. Why? Our diversity in terms of culture, tribe, religion and languages should be used as instruments of development, tolerance, commerce, and to strengthen our unity and common goals. But many years of hatred before and after the civil war has created great mistrust, misunderstanding, and ethnicity and religious divide among hundreds of ethnic groups in Nigeria. In a real democracy, no ethnic group or faction should be left behind in term of political appointment, education,and equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of their tribe, culture, language and religious. This is what makes any great nation truly great. Another important issues I intend to address is our unsuitable federal system that enable the federal govt. to feeds and babysit all the states of the federation. This is total nonsense, faulty, and a failed system. Each state should be able to generate its own revenue and operate within its own revenue generation. Can PMB change the system of government that have been in placed for over 50 years? The answer is capital “No”. But each state should invest in its natural resources exploration, agriculture, and generates other means of obtaining revenue for smooth operations of the state. Since no one knows human minds but God Himself, If PMB admistration has any hidden agenda to islamize Nigeria secretly like the Arab world, his government will soon fail and collapse with time, and he will be disgrace from office in about 30 months. That means he has deceived and lied to assume the position of Nigerian President to non-Muslims like me. At this point in Nigeria, a reasonable government appointed through a democratic process should be working on economic growth and development, security, modern health care, electricity generation, investment in Agriculture, and stabilizing our economy from recession brought by the last admn. Instead of pursuing failed religion agenda that will dinstigrate Nigeria in the near future. But I refuse to believe such Islamization rumor or agenda by this administration but the picture above is very suspicious.

  4. I dont have time for any lenghty comment here concerning the issue on ground. Islam as a religion came to this soil in the 13th century. I am speaking historically. Long before then Christianity had taken over the land.

    Agenda to islamized Nigeria is an old old song that many had lost the tone. But it remain a mere dream. Usman dan fodio tried it and failed, Murtala muhammed tried and failed and many after that but failed bcos Nigeri is a CHRISTIAN Country and so shall it remain.

    Turkey as a failed country remain a case study for all to learn from. Buhari is just a toothless baby to scare noble minds for barking so loud concerning a matter way too heavy for his head to carry.

    Any attempts to press this matter further will reckochet with a diverstating outcome, all their secret plans and meetings notwithstanding.
    All these uncircumcised philistines will meet their end should they try anything funny.

    Buhari should not think that it was by his power he got to where he is today, God want to pass a strong message to Christians in Nigeria by allowing him there.

    Still strolling…

  5. Thank you John. Well,all where based on suspension so I don’t have much to say. Gone are the days when such could’ve taken place.It might happen in their dreams and just there.

  6. i wish people just all this religion squabbles, it damaging to the national consciousness and further causing unnecessary deviation on the efforts to make the changes which Nigeria need so badly now. So many people have now lost the reasoning capacity to engage in fruitful activities for the development of Nigeria, i don’t care about islamisation or whatever name is given to it. if it means public execution of looters of our national cake , if it means good roads , if it means god international standard hospitals, if it means constant electricity, if it means water supply to every homes , if it means people are held accountable for their crimes, if it means good strong armed forces to defend Nigeria and its citizen against external threats then please bring it on! All i want is a Nigeria that can sustain defend and protect its citizens and stand shoulder to shoulder with any country in the world. Not Nigeria that goes cap in hand all round the globe seeking help and protection from devious governments who does not have the best interest of Nigeria only stylishly commandeering our natural resources under the guise of assistance. As i have always stated on this forum religion is personal relationship with one’s God.Both the 2 main religions have had detrimental effects on the nation. its mind boggling at times how so many people still continue with the bold face when so much atrocities is being committed daily in our communities in the name of or under the guise of both 2 main religions;call a spade a spade.Every religion has its own peculiarities we should not let our religion cloud your judgement(fanactism)which will lead to schism. We should remember that democracy is still very young in our system and even in countries that had it for centuries they are still evolving and constantly making adjustment where necessary. The main thin for me is whoever decide to serve Nigeria should do so with utmost integrity and patriotism . lets seek advancement of our nation only then we can raise our heads anywhere anytime.

    “True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.”
    – Clarence Darrow

  7. Foolish speculations. I wonder why some people always feel insecured over other people’s religion. Didn’t Jonathan had interactions with the Israel when in power? I never heard Muslims complain this much when Christian was in power. With the level of economic problems we have in this country I believe only a person who wants to gain personal interest or simply does not want us to live in peace in this country will fuel such rumor.

  8. in the Northern part they have sharia law their already they muslims country in country naija ,2in 1,they just cover up with oil money,now they have oil they will breake away to be Rep,of sharia country.which is very gud for them, but makeing all naija Islamization no way,me i cant cover my all body with black dress under hot sun.

  9. there have been rumors like these in the past when nigeria was suspected of being a member of IOC or not but eventually it was true, things happen all over the world in very subtle ways until it is already late to change or reverse, as these discussions are on there is an element of truth in them.rather, let’s investigate these issues deeper to get the real truth instead of just waving it off as impossible. similar things are happening in other parts of the world currently now – people fleeing their countries because of religeous extreemism that destroys lives and properties, may God Almighty help us and keep nigeria in peace amen.

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