Photos: Founder Of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg In Yaba Lagos Nigeria

facebook founder mark zuckerberg in lagos nigeria

August 30, 2016 – Pictures: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg In Yaba Lagos Nigeria

One of world’s richest men, the co-founder of popular social media site, Facebook is currently in Lagos state Nigeria.

Mark Zuckerberg who arrived Nigeria quietly today was seen at a Co-Creation Hub in Yaba area of Lagos few hours ago.

His mission was to see how Facebook works in Nigeria and see how it can be improved all over Africa.

See more photos of Mr Zuckerberg interacting with tech gurus in Yaba Lagos below

facebook founder yaba lagos

The guy no sabi suit at all. He lives a very simple life.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Founder Of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg In Yaba Lagos Nigeria

  1. No helicopters, no uniformed men armed to teeth or shoving people away. That’s the real guy.Down to earth & simply dressed . Money don’t talk, you see for yourself. Good one mark ! Welcome to Nigeria.

  2. Correct bobo! Come see how People are using your serration in very innovative ways I am sure you never anticipated and committing cyber crimes with same. Welcome to the yahoo boys axis !!!

  3. naijagists na only for Africa i see say na cloth dem dey take sabi person wey get money… life itself is simple so why make it complicated

    #clueless human

  4. U can never see a white billionnaire dressing to kill, look at him looking so ordinary, if not for that people knw him u will never see him and say he has so much mny.
    Welcome to naija hope we impress u positively.

  5. THEY SAY “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. By extension, don’t judge a rich man by his dressing. But this one does not work for Africans, especially Nigerians. See simplicity for oyibo multi-dollar-millionaire. Even far less wealthy Nigerians would have dressed in a more imposing manner. Just imagine if the founder of facebook was somebody like Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. What would he have won to this kind of accasion?

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