Bus Accident On Lagos Third Mainland Bridge Injures 12

bus accident third mainland bridge

January 29, 2014 – Bus Accident On Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge Injures 12 – 18-Seater Commercial Bus Caught Fire

A serious bus accident that happened yesterday on the popular 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos injured twelve people.

An 18-seater commercial bus with plate number APP366XD had a tyre burst. In a bid to control the vehicle, the driver applied the brakes suddenly, thus causing the vehicle to somersault severally.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident happened around 1:50pm.

“We had to break the windscreen of the bus and pull out the victims one after the other as part of the bus was already on fire,” a traffic official said.

The victims were evacuated from the bus by LASTMA officials and taken to Gbagada General Hospital for treatment.

A witness said the entire bus caught fire some minutes after the evacuation of the victims.

9 thoughts on “Bus Accident On Lagos Third Mainland Bridge Injures 12

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