Bus Driver Who Attacked Wife Over S** In Apapa Lagos Sent To Kirikiri

bus driver beats wife sexThe couple’s home

April 29, 2016 – Bus Driver Who Attacked Wife In Apapa Lagos Because She Resisted Him From Getting Her Pregnant Sent To Kirikiri

A Danfo driver has been sent to prison for allegedly brutalizing his wife over her refusal to have intimacy with him.

The attack happened at the couple’s home at 26 Babatunde street, Olodi Apapa Lagos.

The mother of 3 who is a hawker suffered serious injury after her hubby threw her into a gutter because she resisted his attempts to impregnate her.

She reportedly told him that they were not financial buoyant to add to the three kids they already have, comprising a girl and two boys.

Obinna James was arrested after his last attempt to inflict grave injury on his wife Ebere James.

Before his arrest, Obinna chased Ebere into the streets but while forcing her to return into their apartment, he threw her into the gutter.

Vigilant residents who saw what happened rescued Ebere and took her to the hospital for treatment.

Obinna ‘the muscle man’ is cooling off at Kirikiri prison over his inability to fulfill his bail term of N50,000.

His case will come up for hearing on May 2016.

9 thoughts on “Bus Driver Who Attacked Wife Over S** In Apapa Lagos Sent To Kirikiri

  1. He must be a very stupid man for beating his wife coz she refused him sex…Instead of him to think of how to make his life and that of the family better.

  2. Awww, 3kids not enough? Its only the poor that can’t control birth rate. Make love and no more babies.

  3. Some men defy explanations. This one wants to litter children everywhere and leave them to fend for themselves. Does he not know that what consumates fatherhood is the ability to take care of your offsprings? Impregnating a woman is only the first step, and the easiest of all. Bringing up the child is where we know a real man.

  4. Though not justifying the husband brutality,the wife was wrong to deny the man his conjugal right under the pretext of avoiding pregnancy. Hasn’t she heard about family planning which even the illiterate village are so informed of. Or does she want the husband to patronise the prostitutes?

  5. Poverty can make a man thinks upside down. This one thinks only with his penis and he expects his wife to understand.

    The woman had better not go back to that hell of a home again if she loves her dear life untill the he-goat of a husband is really tamed by the Law and humble himself to go plead with his In-laws over his attempt to kill their daughter bcos of sex.

    This must be backed up with a very strong promise that this is gono be the last time such thing will ever happen again.

    In other words, he‘s NEVER under any influence gono try such nonsense again come what may.

    I don go…

  6. Attacking ur wife bcos of sex..
    Haba! Ignorant and illiterate is really a disease..
    He didn’t see his action as a big deal in da first place bcos of ignorant..
    Hope u ill learn ur lesson a little

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