Catholic Rev. Sister: I Slept With A Married Man For 4 Years Because I Couldn’t Resist Sexual Urge

catholic reverend sister married man five year

May 12, 2017 – Catholic Reverend Sister Who Slept With Married Man In Zimbabwe Says She Couldn’t Resist Sexual Temptation

Catholic Rev. Sister: I Slept With My Married Boyfriend For 4 Years Because I Couldn’t Resist Sexual Temptation

According to H Metro, Rev. Sister Emmaculate Samukange, a nurse at Chivhu General Hospital in Zimbabwe recently confessed she had been in an adulterous relationship with a married man, Phillip Dzingai since 2013.

Her confession came after Phillip Dzingai’s marriage crashed over infidelity and lack of care.

Phillip Dzingai'Phillip

Phillip’s family friend knew he was dating the Reverend sister but didn’t disclose it to his wife, instead, they advised him to stop cheating on his wife and when the marriage eventually crashed, they exposed the Reverend sister who later confessed.

In a chat with H Metro, 38-year-old Sister Emmaculate said she had no intention of breaking his marriage but only wanted sex from him.

Her confession:

All attempts by family members to separate Phillips and Emmaculate failed.

Here is what a source told HMetro:

30 thoughts on “Catholic Rev. Sister: I Slept With A Married Man For 4 Years Because I Couldn’t Resist Sexual Urge

  1. AFTER RUINING his marriage ,tell me what u achieved..temptation is an urge that seems irresistible but why wont u report to mother general who will counsel you or may be purge u to act going on for years..haba .wetin be dis

    • He ruined his own marriage. Lets blame the women for sleeping with married men instead of blaming the very men who actually took marriage vows and then cheat because they are too weak to honour themselves and the women that they married.

  2. well….it happens hope u know the scandal u have done to your congregation, diocese, country and the church at large….huh? because of SEX!

  3. Catholic churches should allow their Reverend Fathers and Sisters to marry, they should not put them under punishment, suffering their bodies for nothing, look at this beautiful lady, how on earth can you tell me that she will not be feeling man organ likewise others, what of the Reverend fathers, if you are an able bodied man, early morning erection is unavoidable, no matter whom you are even the Bishops as long as you are a man. No eyes can see woman laps or the white pants under that will not fail in, no Amen or holy Mary will not save you, even the Angels, Bible told us that God sent Angel on a message, they were flying over an soon as their eyes see the nakedness of beautiful women taking their bath , finish, the come down and do the thing with them sharp sharp, even they refused to go back to heaven again, these are Angels that God make Direct not us sinners that will said that we don’t have sex, I doubt this mid day hypocrisy, Catholics please change this doctrine and keep the church clean.


    • Mister James, please go and read your Bible very very well, that is, if you have any. The angels you talked about, were the fallen angels, who joined Lucifer to revolt against God and they were thrown down to earth after the Battle led by St. Michael the archangel and the Heavenly Host of God’s Dwelling Place. They, the demon angels, are the once who saw beautiful women and came to mate with them, NOT the angels of God.

      So please before you open your mouth to blaspheme against God and His Angels and Saints, go and pick up the Holy Book of God, the Holy Bible and read it throug, so that you don’t incur the wrath of God by uttering words in ignorance.
      God bless .

    • Absolutely not, hope you are aware of the sex scandals going on in the other churches today? this is all about self control. Remember she said she was having an affair with a married man and not single. Marriage is about self control.

  4. bible never forbid anybody from marriage. marry your own man and let people be. bible said Forbidding marriage is the doctrine of demons (1 Timothy 4:1-3)

  5. God call her to be a sister,to serve his people,to fullfill her vocation she respond to the call,but God did not kills the feelings in her,she is a human being not something else.Conferse always God will forgive you Rev Sister.

  6. I’m 69 years old single and I’m looking for a single yoruba woman for a catholic marriage.

    • It is better you have confessed to free your mind. BUT pls quit and serve God in the married vocation. There is no need to still be a sister and go to hell fire. Heaven is real and hell is real. The choice is yours

  7. The Congregation should do the right thing, according to the Laws and Rules of Convents and Seminary, this Sister should be expelled from the and any other Religious vocation. She is not worthy nor fit to wear the veil of a Nun anymore.

  8. For four years you have deceived your fold. u fail to take cognizance of the portion of the Bible that says that what God has joined together let no man put asunder. U are a disgrace to Catholic faith. It is in your own best interest to resign from your congregation after which you can go and marry any married man of your choice.

    • Mr James catholic church can never allow rev fathers and rev sisters to get marry, the are not punishing anybody, if you want to a rev father or rev sister you should know what you are getting to, no body is above temptations is only by the grace of God we over come it, i no of a guy who do not go out with singe ladys he love to go out with married women what do you say about that so make una leave her alone plz

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