Catholic Rev. Sister: I Slept With A Married Man For 4 Years Because I Couldn’t Resist Sexual Urge


catholic reverend sister married man five year

May 12, 2017 – Catholic Reverend Sister Who Slept With Married Man In Zimbabwe Says She Couldn’t Resist Sexual Temptation

Catholic Rev. Sister: I Slept With My Married Boyfriend For 4 Years Because I Couldn’t Resist Sexual Temptation

According to H Metro, Rev. Sister Emmaculate Samukange, a nurse at Chivhu General Hospital in Zimbabwe recently confessed she had been in an adulterous relationship with a married man, Phillip Dzingai since 2013.

Her confession came after Phillip Dzingai’s marriage crashed over infidelity and lack of care.

Phillip Dzingai'Phillip

Phillip’s family friend knew he was dating the Reverend sister but didn’t disclose it to his wife, instead, they advised him to stop cheating on his wife and when the marriage eventually crashed, they exposed the Reverend sister who later confessed.

In a chat with H Metro, 38-year-old Sister Emmaculate said she had no intention of breaking his marriage but only wanted sex from him.

Her confession:

All attempts by family members to separate Phillips and Emmaculate failed.

Here is what a source told HMetro: