Charly Boy Flaunts Ogboni Cult Regalia In New Photo-shoot

charly boy ogboni cult

June 8, 2013 – Charlie Boy Flaunts Ogboni Cult Regalia In New Photo-shoot

Nigeria’s most controversial area fada, Charly Boy has finally revealed his true colour in these new photo-shoot.

In these photos, Charly Boy flaunts the popular Ogboni regalia (saki) across his shoulder.

According to a source, there is more to this picture than just the mere pose.

charly boy is an ogboni man

“Charly Boy is gradually revealing his true colour to the whole world” – the source said

Do you remember some photos he took in a coffin few months ago? He said that is where he gets his inspiration from (view the photos here).

15 thoughts on “Charly Boy Flaunts Ogboni Cult Regalia In New Photo-shoot

  1. It is only the spiritually blind,deaf and dumb that will be shocked. That demonic element called Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy has always been an agent of lucifer and will always remain satan’s weapon of negative influence over many misguided youths.He is using fame,fortune & females to corrupt and initiates artistes and would-be artistes into his church of satan and demonism.Woe unto charly boy the agent of satan.

  2. GOD STILL LOVES YOU!!!There is no tomoro in a casket its jst da beginin of anoda jorney……….GOD is always willing to accept yhu once yhu can confess him as ur lord nd personal saviour.
    There is no sin dat jesus hasnt paid for, he died on d cross of calvary payin d price, jesus is knockin on ur door

  3. Hey, is this d ogboni regalia? I thot it’s white, I’m not too sure of dis but I sure have my doubts and besides we should know charly boy by now for all we know it could just be another one of his publicity stunts. Let’s refrain from casting unwarranted aspersions on him. Cheers.

  4. He’s just trying to pass a message, just like DAGRIN and the others did, His time is near…. Be warned, Nothing goes for nothing, you’ll always pay for what u buy, one way or another…

  5. Tj or Jt u dont know anyfin about ogboni atire. As an Edo boy iv seen diffrent colours of ogboni regalia, white is a colour of a low class ogboni cult. For ur information, dis maggot is the president of illuminati in Nigeria. Allow God allmighty to be the jorge of his soul.

  6. charley boy has done nobody wrong personally…. i wish people could see his beautiful talent and colorfulness rather than cricifying this man…… he is just be himself and not being afraid or intimidated to be what he is….. i have great respect for this ICON

  7. But is he very rich?I thought he is just”confortable”unless his son then will I believe he is innocent but for now charly you are guilty as charged

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