Charly Boy Poses Dead Inside Coffin “I See Tomorrow Inside My Casket”

charly boy inside casket

April 4, 2013 – Charlie Boy Poses Dead Inside Coffin “I See Tomorrow Inside My Casket”

Model and TV personality Charly Boy Okputa recently released these photos of himself lying inside his casket.

According to him, he gets his ideas inside his coffin.

The area fada tagged the photos as follows

It is so peaceful here, so crazy out there,hummmmmmm
Time for your meditation fada
I see tomorrow in my casket

is charly boy dead

charlie boy coffin casket

How can someone get ideas inside a casket? God have mercy ooooo.

25 thoughts on “Charly Boy Poses Dead Inside Coffin “I See Tomorrow Inside My Casket”

  1. It is a pity that all d major problem facing our nation nigeria today is 75% caused by d elite sons and dotas.remarkabli enof,the had d best exposure to life,education and what have you,yet they ended rubbishing d integrity of their nation and lineage….imagine that ibadan lady whose father is a one time gov,sayin all sort of rubbish as well;she will like her son to b gay,she enjoi fibrator,etc…may God deliver nigeria and nigerians once again IJN.

  2. He’ll die eventually, like everyone else. So I don’t think it’s bad at all if he starts the Coffin-Sleeping rehearsals now! But the inspiration stuff…he alone knows what he’s talking about, sha o!

  3. chalie i dnt undastand wat he s realy doin to himself. I wonda hw his children, families livin with him. God help us o. Ijn

  4. I dnt know what to say. We all know d eventuality of nature bt oputa is being crazy and flaunting dt. He is only exposing his madness to the world. Let’s hope he does not run to d market one of this days. U get children 4 house at all!

  5. as a celeb you should be a positive influence on others not nagative. what a will u fell if young nigerians follow ur lead to a coffin all for inspiration

  6. I think he’s right in that, the place will help him to what it would be like when you are in there all alone without anything with you and so for you to live a good life while you are still among men.

  7. A Chinese student has stunned family and friends by holding her own funeral while she’s alive to see ‘what people think of her’ and to ‘enjoy it’. Zeng Jia paid for a full service along with flowers, photographers that was attended by mourners who walked past her while she was in a coffin.
    The 22-year-old spent an hour lying in the casket with a Hello Kitty doll on her chest before getting up to join in at her own wake.

  8. Oh God of heaven, pls have mercy on Charles opute. All wisdom and ideas are from God who gives unto all men liberally.

  9. The so call Charly boy that we use to call him is disturbing him seriously. Maybe he has realised he is supposed to be addresed as Charly man & every man at his age and stature should be death espectant, so make we no blame him 4 anything.

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