Chika Ike “Most Of My Nigerian Fans Have Never Travelled Abroad”

chika ike abroad

April 4th, 2014 – Chika Ike “Most Of My Nigerians Fans Have Never Travelled Abroad”

Nollywood actress Chika Ike recently received heavy criticism from her fans after she shared photos taken from her recent trips to Dubai and France on her official Instagram page.

In a recent interview with Punch, Chika Ike said she posted the pictures in order to educate her fans who have never travelled abroad.

In her own words:

“The truth is that I love to travel around the world. If anyone feels hurt by this, that is their business. I love to take pictures during my trips abroad and share them with my fans. I do this so as to educate them. Many of them have never been to these countries. So, whenever I post these images, I have no bad intentions,”

Chika Ike the abroad lady, thanks ma for your tips.

One day we too go travel abroad to Dubai and France.

41 thoughts on “Chika Ike “Most Of My Nigerian Fans Have Never Travelled Abroad”

  1. dis fool of a lady is a proud and arrogant bastard
    So d fact dt u have travelled means others haven’t travelled
    Pls keep quite and find something better to say

  2. Huh, say what ! Chika ada ndi be Ike,your fans made you what you are today,infact they paid for your trip.I think i can relate a little bit of what you are trying to say,but nne,it came out the wrong way,harsh and killed your beautiful speech with few words.So get ready to swim in grammar or off your phone.

    • Uhmmm fans made what she is? For where, which side, which level? Why are they busy making her instead of making themselves? Leave the woman alone. She worked hard to get to where she is. Allow her to enjoy.

      To you Chika, when I opened the post I thought I was gona red that you wana sponsor your fans to travel abroad. I dont know that taking pictures is education, education level chika abi…

      • Sizzle,make me understand your comment if you are talking to me.To be frank with you am completely lost if your comment was meant for me or for chika .

          • I see,working hard yeah, And if nobody buys the movie she featured in the producer will still give her roles to play and pay her.really ? You have a wonderful thinking faculty dear.Chika knew her fan matters a lot to her success that’s why she made the effort to post the pics .it will be fantastic if you can step up and show us or i RED how to make it for myself in your own word really feel like calling me out,even placed red instead of read .I get it and will smile over it now.

          • Why all the complaints then? You made her who or what she is, so flippin what? Who asked you? If she knew you’d rub it on her face ofcoz she wud nt have want you to buy her movie or even watch it…nyweee i helped her out so the whole world must know, ok, she is in Dubai taking pictures and you are there busy sending unending comments crying RED tears.
            Yah me like to call out or TYPE out yah name.

          • Sizzle sweetie,is time you change whatever you smoke before logging in,When you are done with that get a dictionary,check for the word GHETTO and what it represents,circle it and download it deep down in your skull,Get a person not animal that teaches personality/charisma and don’t speak or roll ghetto.Get a little fresh air far away from where you are operating right now and clear your head.That’s my free advice to you sweetie,I promised myself not to degrade myself by talking back to you and your standard but you need it seriously after i went through some of your comments and found out how confused you sound most times,not forgetting that almost all your comments centered on attacking people way smarter than you.
            You hardly contribute anything just looking for who to correct as the know it all and still can’t make a name for yourself outside vicky’s blog,still typing and correcting in vicky’s site not yours with your electric brain.Sorry is not fighting you,am just advising you because fighting with a crazy person will also make me crazy.You will look for red later to say thank red for helping (sizzle) me and you are most welcome in advance sweetie.Have a nice day while doing this.Before i forget dear sizzle,Don’t show me your teeth if you can’t bite or not ready to bite because ….hmm,red will aim for your neck sweetie.Have a fun sweet day,life have no duplicate my little baby.LOVE YOU SIZZLE.

  3. Chika ike u really need to check urself,dat u v such oppurtunity now dosent mean dat others wouldnt just tanx God first for the life dah u have befr everyother thing without ur fans u re nothing today, am not even a lover of you so just be warned if u don’t want to loose everything.

  4. If I hear say I b her fan, nah bcos una still dey keep her K leg as secret. Madam dubai y I no wan wear trouser snap pix. U still dey go dubai and u talk nonsense, can u dream of giong wia omotala,genevieve,ini edo,mercy johson and kate henshaw dey go,I can see dat u jst want 2 be porpular,go and meet tonto dick,she go educate u.

  5. Nne I am not one of your fans but for the fact that you are of ignore extraction I am concerned. this your trash on ur fans is an expensive joke taken too far. you are what u are today through the magnanimousity of ur fans after God. so please apologize or face the consequences.

  6. I am not even one of ur fans. But for the fact that you are of igbo extraction I am concerned. Nne u are what u are today through the magnanimous of your fans after God. U better apologize to them before you face their gods sanctions.

  7. just because you travel to Dubai does not mean others have not,try and come to good countries like Australia,USA and then we can show u around.

    • i agree with you my name sake,this fool want to talk of travelling she is talking about dubai that with $100 you get visa,we have people that go to dubai every week and they dont make noise or people that are always in America,london every week,they dont make noise, people that live in America,drive in america,buy houses in america they dont make noise. chika or whatever your name is called stop making noise ok

  8. She’s such an arrogant human being!….. Swallow ur pride and go to hell…… I D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ vex seriously!……. Nonsense…..@Red, how are u doing jare? I can not but say hi to you… U are recognized.

  9. nwanyi dat ur fans have not travelled Abroad does not mean they won’t. plz watch wat you say.

  10. chika, when did you start travelling abroad? because i cld remember a particular movie you people shoot abroad which made u jumped up and down thanking God for giving u the opportunity to travel abroad bcus of film. but, u are talking now as if u started this right frm birth…naawaaooh!

  11. Chika Ike must be talking to her South Eastern Igbo tribe who are largely her fans. Chika Ike should have done some deligence to assess where fan base reside before insulting them with her unguarded vituberations. Fortunately her insults are directed to Igbo tribe from the East. It takes only an uncivilsed Igbo celebrity of Chika Ike’s type to take pride in travelling to Dubai and France to even choose to post picture of same on Instagram. Has she paused a moment to think of the disgrace and humiliations she’s subjected herself to,? Ordinary Nigerians who are not celebrities live in Dubai, France, UK, US etc. who don’t even regard these things that seem to excite Chika Ike as worth any attention; much less coming from an Igbo celebrity of Chika Ike’s caliber. Her village attributes smacks a mockery of some sort, village character coming from someone who calls herself a celebrity of a kind. No wonder she got kicked out of a marriage which ordinarily should have worked had she been able to exihibit some civilsed behaviour.

  12. chika, when did you start travelling abroad? because i cld remember a particular movie you people shoot abroad which made u jumped up and down thanking God for giving u the opportunity to travel abroad. but, u are talking now as if u started this right frm birth. if I may ask, when did u start posting this your abroad photos, for how long now?..naawaaooh!

  13. I dnt wnt 2 insult u Chika so dat u may nt tink i envy u or sometin tho, i am nt 1 of ur fans n can neva b bcz u r too proud of urself. It is necessary 2 undstnd dat b4 u tink of doin anytin in lyf, Thousands of pple hv done it. So wat is d pride all abt?
    If u r proud of just traveln 2 France n Dubai, wat abt pple who r indegenes of dos Con3s? Wat do expect of dem? Fly 2 d high Heavens 2 annouce n celebrate it?
    Pple wey make u wetin u b 2day, u cm turn round begin insult dem say u wan educate dem…na fowl sense u dey operate wt.

  14. Chika Ike, You are so proud what gave you that impression that most of your fans have not travelled abroad I can see the reason why you cannot keep your marriage fool.

  15. Hmmm…fr U̶̲̥̅̊я mind Chika ike abi wetin dem Ɗε̲̣̣̣̥γ̥ call U̶̲̥̅̊я name dat wat u think of U̶̲̥̅̊я fans??hmm..u amuse me.don’t u know u r nw a second woman.used n dump..plz ↠g̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥⇆ get a beta life coz u aint gettin any younger.

  16. show off babe abeg make i use this means advise you so that when u go abroad next time try too branch Indian make them do your noise that big vain wey dey ur noise the alway show for any movie wey u act plz dnt be offended ooo na d advise i get for you bi that lolz

  17. Although I’m not Chika Ike’s fan but I really do not think she meant to degrade, insult or indeed underestimate anyone with her comment and I quote “most of my Nigerian fans have never travelled abroad.” Because these days and age, travelling around the world is really NOT a big deal anymore as long as its affordable. The world has become so small that even the most remote or (what one may think remote) countries are very easily accessible anytime, anyday. Chika herself should know this.

    Frankly speaking, Chika, my advice to you on this topic is to be more diplomatic with your words so as not to be misunderstood by anyone ok. PEACE.

  18. @emefen. Don’t be ur self keep on wishing u were her instead of u wishing urself higher than her. Nonsense

  19. Chika , I pity your condition, I thank God i am not your fan and can never be a fan to such arrogant and pride person like you. Do you think because you have travel to france and dubia, made you more enlightening and educated than your fans, sorry you get it wrong. I in case you don’t know most of your fans that have not travel out are far better than you in all ramifications. And if I may asked you chika, what are you educating your fans on? Is it how to be arrogant, pride,take pictures that does not make sense or on a good character you don’t portray as a lady, please learn how to respect your fan if you must want them to respect you. And beside traveling all over the world is not a certificate to heaven.

  20. just shot dat crap of yours @chika.. who d hell do you tink u are???? look urself in the mirror, and learn mannes of approach before going on set cuz you stink…. with your legs which are like those of a broom…. rubbish

  21. Guys, pls, 4give her if her comment got u guys angry. Mind u insult is never a better way to correct people. God bless u all

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