Chioma Okoye, Nollywood Actress Attacked For Crashing Friend’s Marriage Offered N3Million


chioma okoye

August 27, 2016 – Nollywood Actress Who Produced Movie With Real Names & True Story Of Friend Offered N3Million, Lawyer Speaks

One of the trending entertainment new stories of the month is that of budding Nollywood actress cum producer Chioma Okoye who reportedly produced a movie based on the true life story of her friend.

She got into trouble when she created the movie titled ‘Lagos Men’ with the true names of her friend, husband and their daughter.

Though she confirmed that the lady gave her a go-ahead to release the movie in 2014, but no permission was given to her to use the real names of the parties involved in the child abuse story.

To cut the long story short, she has been offered N3million by the friend in question to take down the movie but she has refused.

This is what her lawyer said yesterday:

“It must be clearly established that the film did not contravene any known law, statute, rules of motion pictures, injurious to reputation, slanderous or libelous. Rather it’s a story created to bring to life people’s rough tides, calculated at superb imagination engagement and to promote good societal values.

We have taken steps to protect our client and we shall further seek redress in the court of law on her behalf. They should not conceive that the stupid chance they had on our client that fateful morning, their intimidation, coercion, and threat might deprive her of her rights and all this success, newly appreciated and newly illumined by her fans and the general public”.