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bettie jennifer married drug cartel boss

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Chris Attoh New Wife Bettie Jenifer Killed By Assassin Allegedly Hired By Jailed Ex-Husband, A Drug Cartel Boss

bettie jenifer married drug cartel boss

Chris Attoh New Wife Bettie Jenifer Killed By Assassin Allegedly Hired By Drug Cartel Boss, Jailed Ex-Husband : Watch Eyewitness Account Of Bettie Jenifer’s Murder

A witness who saw the brutal murder of Bettie Jenifer, the new Caribbean American wife of crossover actor Chris Attoh has narrated how she was killed by a black strong man on Friday night while returning home from her office in Maryland.

The eyewitness said Bettie Jenifer closed from her office in the 6300 blocks of Ivy Lane in Maryland and was walking towards her car when a black man with a thick build and black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants emerged from another building holding a gun and walked towards her.

Feared for her life, Bettie who should have run into the office building which many people were already inside sped off towards the car park, according to the eyewitness.

The eyewitness revealed that Bettie Jenifer run the entire car park and the gunman kept shooting at her. Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit her and she fell down.

The gunman ran into a blue saloon car and fled the scene. Throughout the shooting, there were dozens of people around but he did not seem bothered and went after Bettie until he killed her.

The police have already launched investigations and they have assured they will apprehend the killer base on the numerous witnesses who saw everything that went down.

Watch the video below…

Betty’s death raised eyebrows because the Ghanaian Actor sparked rumors of crisis in his marriage shortly before Bettie Jenifer was shot dead.

Speculations on how and who killed Chris Attoh’s wife circulated on social media immediately the news broke out and many suggested that the actor remotely ordered the assassination.

According to fresh reports, Bettie Jenifer was killed by a hitman of her ex-husband who is sitting in jail for drug offenses, has gathered.

From what we have gathered, Bettie Jenifer was married to cartel boss who has been jailed and she never told Chris Attoh about him when they met.

But after they got married and threats started pouring in from the cartel members, Bettie Jenifer convinced Chris Attoh to delete their photos from his Instagram page to send the message to her ex-husband that they have separated. From what has been told, that is why Chris deleted her photos last week.

Sadly, they couldn’t convince the drug organization that Chris Attoh has left their boss’ wife alone. Pissed by the unfaithfulness, an order for her to be taken out was given by the boss from jail.

See the scene of the alleged assassination in the video clip below



  1. iron bar

    May 13, 2019 at 4:07 AM

    Rip young woman..whether looking for genuine love or resident papers..verify who u are dealing with and learn their past life.

  2. Mon

    May 13, 2019 at 4:56 AM

    Too late to ask her anything, it’s unfortunate it ended this way, but she must have sensed this coming, and could have asked for police protection instead of deleting pictures and lying to her ex…and if they actually divorced, why is he still bothering her, sounds much like African way, after divorce, wahala go still dey. Or did she sold her ex out? RIP.

    It played out like hired hitman from the jail did the dirty job.

  3. Mabel

    May 13, 2019 at 9:14 PM

    Hmmm… African men rushing to marry old oyinbo women.. meanwhile good girls abound everywhere looking for a man to love. Now number 2 o Chris. Pray.

    • uzoma

      May 14, 2019 at 12:45 PM

      @Mabel, she is not Oyibo, she is only light in complexion. Caribbean are Blacks, part of those from the days of Slave trade who were relocated to the islands. They are as Black as me and you but this one happen to be fair in complexion, maybe she is of mixed blood like you have people of mixed blood in Africa.

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