Christian Sect Leader Ne Muanda Nsemi Freed As Church Members Attack Congo Prison [PHOTOS]

christian sect leader freed congo jail break

May 17, 2017 –  Christian Sect Leader Ne Muanda Nsemi Freed As Church Members, Followers Attack Congo Prison [PHOTOS]

Ne Muanda Nsemi Freed In Congo’s Malaka Jail Break

The leader of a deadly Christian sect in Congo was today freed from a prison in the capital of Congo.

Ne Muanda Nsemi and 50 other inmates were freed around 4 am today after members of his church broke into Malaka prison with dangerous weapons.

The self proclaimed prophet and leader of Bundu dia Kongo moment was a trained scientist from Zebele in Central Congo. He was arrested in March after a series of deadly collision between his followers and the police.

Nsemi has dedicated followers in Southwest Congo becasue of his promise to revive the Kongo Kingdom.

Ne Muanda Nsemi freed church members