Tonto Dikeh’s Nanny Confession, Interview Video Suggests Her Addiction To Drug Crashed Her Marriage

tonto dikeh nanny confession

May 17, 2017 – Tonto Dikeh’s Nanny Confession Video Suggests Tonto Dikeh’s Drug Addiction Caused Her Marriage Problem

In this tell it all interview, the former Nanny of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, Madam Mgbechi Enyinnaya accused the actress of trying to force her to lie against her husband.

Mrs Enyinnaya said the actress plans to record the lie in a video and upload it on the internet in a bid to further drag her  estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill into the domestic assault she accused him of.

In the video below, the Nanny said her refusal to yield to her ungodly plan led the actress to punish her by terminating her contract.

Enyinnaya who sound so pained ended the interview by placing a curse on the actress for putting her through a lot of stress despite all she has done for her son.

Watch the short video below

11 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh’s Nanny Confession, Interview Video Suggests Her Addiction To Drug Crashed Her Marriage

  1. This nanny needs to just shut up go and find a way to take care of her family instead of slandering somebody else’s name. With all this crap she’s talking, who in their right mind will want to hired her again? Let it go n move on. Go get another job. She’s too old for all this crap. I pray this nanny has a backup plan cause she’s gonna need it when her 15mins of fame is over. Smdh

  2. this nanny self, you no get sense ooo.
    look for another job nah. all this thing Wey you dey talk who ask you self
    or are you seeking for attention?

  3. Wicked woman, you have killed your career as a nanny. Hope the person who engaged you on this to slander Tonto paid you real good? otherwise, you are doomed for life. useless woman. if i know you well, I wont even have anything to do with you and your entire family. I know Tonto must have been good to you in the past, but this is not a good way to say thank you even if she offend you. you should be loyal to her and even when she asked you to do anything contrary to your believe, you should come to public to say all this nonsense against her. People should watch out for you and your entire family.
    Why didnt you leave her the first day you know she do drugs? its now you are saying rubbish. Bad woman!

  4. All nanny are necessary evils, I believe you took care of the little boy because your madam too was nice to you. In the video I saw her questioning you, she mentioned that she have taken you fifteen countries and buy of stuffs too. so, do you have other choice not to be good to her son?

  5. i am an Igbo woman,do you know what church promise her,you dont need to sell your reputation because of material thing,were i stayed in europe one Igbo woman and two Igbo men was sent to me to get information for me and they accepted to do it what a shameful way to end up there life,that woman is an agent of satan,shame to those human beast that have turn to agent because of material thing

  6. Another job keh. Where is she going to find that with I no well all the time? Hospital hospital bills. Tontoh has been very nice to her dashing her stuff, probably with good salary. She can not get that anywhere else. That is why she does not want to let go.

  7. This nanny is the classic definition of stupidity. Somebody set her up to tarnish Tonto. This is the woman that took her to 15 different countries both in Africa and overseas, took care of all her medical bills since she falls sick so often, buys her stuff and now she turned around to bite the finger that fed her. Go back to the village for no one will hire you again.

  8. she is a disgrace to every good woman out their,if i happen to have her as a mother i definitely will disown her,she can lie like lie mohammed,she said tonto abandom her at the hospital whereas tonto did not even know she was at the hospital, when tonto was questioning her she was dumbfounded, i watch d video when tonto ask her that did u tell me u needed money 4 hospital and i refuse to give you,all she was saying was has no money tonto said as no money how, did any one or ur children tell me u are hospitalised,she has been dashing her cloth and her children too,she is just an ingrate

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