Christian Woman Murdered By Islamic Radicals In Abuja To Be Buried On Her Birthday

rccg preacher murdered in abuja burial

July 20 ,2016 – Christian Woman Murdered By Islamic Radicals In Abuja To Be Buried On Her Birthday

Deaconess Eunice Olawale Elisha is set for burial.

Her family announced yesterday that she will be laid to rest on her birthday, Saturday the 23rd of July 2016.

Her wake-keep service will hold on Friday the 22nd of July at RCCG Provincial Headquarters in Kubwa Abuja by 5pm.

The deceased who was murdered at the age of 42 will be laid to rest at Gudu Cemetery Abuja by 12pm this coming Saturday.

Meanwhile, the National Christian Elder’s Forum has blamed Islamic leaders across Nigeria for incessant unprovoked attacks against Christians across the country.

The organization warned that Nigeria can only know peace if Islamic leaders can only stop preaching radical sermons and stop promoting doctrine of hatred in mosques and meetings.

15 thoughts on “Christian Woman Murdered By Islamic Radicals In Abuja To Be Buried On Her Birthday

  1. Your killers erronously thought that by killing you they can actually stop the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Dont mind the Blessed Sister.

    They are nothing but big black broke ass barbarians, brainwashed baboons like their demented demoralised damned demonic leaders worldwide.

    Rest with the Saints and holy Angels BIG Sister I didn‘t get to know in real life.
    May the Holy Spirit the greatest comforter, comforts your family and the entire christiandom.
    We will miss you.


  2. RIP,ur killer Rest in Hellfire,why they dont take are body to her home town, not where they kill her God,cos belive u me, 1 day no more naija, and her remain will be in their side of Sharia Boko Haram country.

  3. Let them not stop their hatred, when christians start to fight back then we shall see were all dis will end, its bcos they av seen christians to be peaceful people that’s why they av continued to grow wings but I know we cannot go on like this.

  4. Rest imoh peace dear one. Ur killers will know no peace. Their family will experience untimely death in Jesus name Amen. Rest in peace dear one.

  5. Again, don’t tell me this is happening again. Another Deaconess murdered!!! I don’t want to say something negative but if the situation continues in this fashion, I’m afraid Nigeria may not survive as a Nation. What’s wrong with these Zealots who think they were the No1 candidate of God. How would you kill an innocent individual and think God is going to be pleased with you?

  6. Eranko or whatever u call ur name, God (Olugbala)does not fail, He knows better. God has taken the beautiful soul to rest n wherever the woman is now, she is better of.Eranko, give ur life to Jesus(Olugbala) so that u can hv an everlasting place to rest. Watch ur mouth, u can say ur rubbish 2 pple not to God.

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