Christmas 2016 Is Just Around The Corner, Please Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

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November 30, 2016 – Christmas 2016 Is Just Around The Corner, Please Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

Woke up this morning and thinking of ways to make someone’s Christmas wish come true.

I came up with this brilliant idea that may be of help to someone out there.

If you think you need anything special for this upcoming Christmas, feel free to drop it as a comment here.

For those who will like to give that special thing, you can contact that individual via email or via the contact information they drop in the comment.

Also if you have something special to give to someone, please drop it as a comment also.

Note: Let your request be reasonable. This is not an avenue to request for a private jet or other ridiculous gifts.

Just make your request known and NaijaGists graceful editor, visitors and commentators will try to fulfill your needs.

We want to put a smile on the face of everyone this year and as we do so, God will reward us.

Keep in mind that it is better to give than to receive.

Make sure you contribute to someone this year.

Let’s keep the requests and giving offers rolling..

13 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 Is Just Around The Corner, Please Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

  1. I’m in love with this, I can give 3 gifts to those living near me At Abule Egba. If you live close to me, I can arrange to give you things at a nearby Mr Biggs…
    Let me know what you need, I will tell you if I can afford it

  2. Thank you Naijagist editor, christmas is not just about wearing clothes, eating, catch fun and other things alone but it came with lesson of putting smile into somebody else faces, therefore, make people around you happy by giving out reasonable gift to them to enable that their poor family also celebrate xmas with joy.
    Please, allowed your neighbor, relative and family friends who are not certain on whot and how to do xmas not to path away from services and prayer session that would be going at the church auditoriums on that faithful day (XMAS) through over-thinking.
    Plan to do it and you shall be given reward aboundatly from god.

  3. I want to travel to austria by january to work and earn money and take care of my family and my responsibilities, my numbers are 07063793901

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