Cocaine Inside Sandals: Drug Smuggler, Igwe Ogbonna Arrested By NDLEA In Lagos

nigerian man arrested with cocaine

March 6, 2013 – Cocaine Inside Sandals: Nigerian Man, Igwe Ogbonna Arrested By NDLEA In Lagos

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on Monday arrested 26-year-old Igwe Ogbonna for possessing 630 grammes of cocaine hidden inside two pairs of sandals and his luggage.

The discovery was made at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos while Ogbonna was attempting to board a Kenyan Airways flight to India.

According to the NDLEA Airport commander, Mr Hamza Umar, the suspect wore one pair of the sandals while another pair of sandals containing drug was in his luggage.

Umar said, “The suspect was arrested following the discovery of the drug during a routine search. Officers first found some cocaine inside the pair of sandals Ogbonna wore at the screening area.

“During the search, some quantities of cocaine were equally found in another pair of sandals and inside his luggage. He was found with 630 grammes of cocaine hidden inside two pairs of sandals and in his luggage.

Ogbonna told PUNCH Metro that he was travelling to India to further his studies.

He said, “I was advised to further my education in India since I had an uncle living there.  They gave me only 700 dollars, still I was excited because I have always wanted to further my education.

“I was directed to Lagos from the East after my travel documents had been prepared and the bag and pairs of sandals handed over to me.

“The people who advised me also instructed me to wear one of the sandals, so I felt bad when the drug was detected.”

Chairman of the agency, Ahmadu Giade, said that efforts were being made to arrest other persons connected to the crime.

He said, “The agency is working to identify other suspects who are involved in this criminal act.

“I also wish to state that members of the public should be careful when people offer to sponsor them abroad. Investigation has since commenced and the suspect will soon be charged to court.”

[NDLEA Press Release]

14 thoughts on “Cocaine Inside Sandals: Drug Smuggler, Igwe Ogbonna Arrested By NDLEA In Lagos

  1. They will never change,bastard ibo boy trying to make fast money.God will run you all down for disgracing us all over the world.

    • @Kunle, You are very stupid and tribalistic. How many Yerobas have been executed because of drug dealing and credit card fraud? Here in South Africa Wale AKA Suak a yeroba who died in the prison because of drug traficing claiming that he is a doctor, bringing disgrace to those Nigera who are real doctors. A yoruba lady was killed by hanging in Malaysia because of drug trafficing. A crippled yoruba priest in Rocky Street, Bezethehood, South Africa Raped a Southy woman in the name praying for her get a child, and many more crimes committed by YORUBA. Many Yorubas are currently in South African Prisons because of credit card fraud, drug dealing,Rantriping etc

      With this comment of yours, I promise to implicate more yorubas who are into these secret business. Just wait to here more news frm South Africa about Yorubas.

  2. Stay there and be calin igbo fools, dnt go and make ur own moni or do u want to remain poor, my broda’s go, succed nd com bak safely leave haters dat doesn’t hav mind.

  3. Danny dog you are mentally infirm, am sure you will definitely do the same because you are one of the Ibos criminals,so learn how to correct your people rather than emphasizing on a different issues entirely,you shouldn’t even be talking here cus they caught two ibos with cocaine in two days,so we should be expecting another ibo with cocaine tomorrow…f**l


  4. KUNLE and BoB please take it easy, you guys dodn’t have to quarrel over somebody you don’t know. Weather is IGBO/YORUBA or HAUSA all are Nigeria. We all use one Passport,White people don’t know our tribes okay. Come to talk of Cocain business here in France and London Yoruba’s are number ONE talk of internet fruad Yoruba’s are number ONE. But when you think about it, our problems are Bad government; good education and lack of jobs. Nigeria is richer than most Europe countries today, but our minister’s and wicked Governors are busy stealing the money. Please let’s tell ourselves the simple truth.

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  6. Plz U guys shld stop calin Igbo pple names cos Its d situation of our country dat is making them do dat k.

  7. that boy must be from Enugu state, if true, he must be 4rm ala-nri local govt. Area, if true, he must b my friend/brother/relative.

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