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Student Who Stole iPhone 8s At Computer Village Confesses “I Need Money To Pay School Fees”

college student steals iphone 8s computer village“How We Arrested College Student Who Stole iPhone 8s At Computer Village ” – RRS

A phone thief who was captured in a viral CCTV footage currently circulating on the internet has disclosed that he was propelled to steal an iPhone 8S in a retail outlet in Ikeja because of the need to pay his school fees.

The suspect, Timilehin Olaniyi, who was captured in a trending CCTV footage disclosed that he was desperate to pay his school tuition fee of N80,000, hence he stole the iPhone 8S.
Olaniyi, a 200 level student of DS Adegbenro ICT College, Ogun State noted that he was in Computer Village, Ikeja on 16th February, 2018 in the morning to dispose off an iPhone 5s given to him by his course mate to enable him raise money for his school fees.

The suspect who was tracked and arrested in Wasimi, Ogun State by the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad said

“I was in Lagos on the invitation of a close friend. He is aware that I was struggling to pay my school fees, so he gave me an iphone 5s to sell in order to raise money.
“So I went to Computer Village to sell the phone. When I entered the phone store, my plan was to know the price of Iphone 7s but it was not available. I noticed that one of the attendants went out leaving behind an Iphone 8s on the table.

I don’t know what came over me. I monitored the other attendant and I went away with the phone. I never knew I was captured by the CCTV camera. I sold that iphone 5s to pay my tuition fee while I started using the iphone 8s”.

it was about the second day that the friend I was squatting with sent me packing from his house over a CCTV footage circulating on the internet of a phone thief. He said I was the one.

Source stated that Olaniyi failed to open up to his elder brother who saw him spotting a T-shirt he bought for him in the video.

The brother had gone to engage the services of a lawyer for defamation.
The suspect was arrested few days later in Wasimi, Ogun State.

[Official Press Statement By The RRS]



  1. Lola O

    March 9, 2018 at 12:03 AM

    Stealing is in the average Nigerian’s DNA, including the young. How did he end up using an I-Phone 8, the latest version, being a student, that me, an attorney living and working in New York, cannot afford? I have an I-Phone 5 bought on sale over a year ago, being an older version. The problem with Nigerians is that they want to live big, no matter what their status is in life. Everyone is a “big boy” or “big girl” in Nigeria, with the girls resorting to prostitution and the boys yahoo yahoo, to support their extravagant, fake lifestyles. How can you have an I-Phone 8 while riding Okada and Maruwa around, with no private transportation of your own? Does that make sense?. So, the I-Phone 8, that could pay his tuition for the year with a little left over to buy food, is being carried around to prove that he has arrived. Even if his “rich uncle’ or brother gave it to him, he should have sold it to pay for his tuition, which takes priority over a phone that will soon become obsolete when a newer version is released next year. I feel sorry for the Nigerian mentality. There is no sense of living within one’s means anymore. Even my daughter was able to buy an I-Phone 7 last year, from her salary as a high school teacher for two years and to reward herself for getting admission into Harvard Medical School. It is extremely sad and disturbing that these are the future leaders of Nigeria, omo ole (thief child). Don’t parents question their children how they are able to afford their lifestyles anymore? There’s nothing wrong with living big, if you have earned it legitimately and honestly in your life-time. Stealing and false lifestyle is no option. After all said and done, the leaders are master thieves, with one stupid, knuckle head Governor advising youths recently, to steal rather than smoke weed? Misguided and misplaced priorities. Like leaders, like followers. God have mercy o.

  2. DB

    March 9, 2018 at 7:22 AM

    He wasnt going to pay school fees, he wanted to do big boy. Only God knows if the iphone 5 he wanted to dispose wasnt stolen too. All these children that want to live big without working for it….Thief!
    May God help this future generation. The older generation has eaten the future with no future left. God have mercy

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