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Combating Spiritual Attacks: How To Overcome The Forces Of Evil With Faith, Prayer & Guardian Angels

combating spiritual attacks

February 25, 2017 – Combating Spiritual Attacks: How To Overcome The Forces Of Evil With The Light Of God & Help Of Guardian Angels

By Tony Ogunlowo

I’ve spent a lifetime fending off spiritual attacks from family, friends and people I don’t even know. Thank God I’m still alive till this day to tell the tale; many not so fortunate have gone to meet their Maker before their time.

We live in precarious times where people use the Power of Darkness to harm their fellow human beings through spells, incantations – even bad thoughts. People are being killed in their sleep, through kidney failure, strokes, road accidents and through other mysterious circumstances.

People go to witchdoctors to procure amulets, talismans and incantations to protect them from evil and people who wish them ill.

They won’t work.

The main reason these things don’t work is because they are created by Man who consults the lesser spirits (aka demons). The juju you do to protect yourself can be understood by another witchdoctor who knows how to unravel it. For instance an armed robber who does juju so he’s impervious to bullets can be killed by having his head chopped off or set on fire. Remember the Man who made the pencil also made the eraser. There will always be a way to get around what any witchdoctor may have done.

So how do you protect yourself from spiritual attacks?

The first and foremost thing is to believe that there is no power that supersedes that of God. Be you a Christian, Hindu or Muslim you have to believe that all power comes from God. Everything else is superficial and false.

In believing you can’t allow your faith to waiver! If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains!

Once you have an unwavering belief in God no harm will come your way. In addition to spiritual attacks I’ve been poisoned several times, battled cancer and kidney failure and I’m still alive! All witches, witch doctors and evil doers are subject to the will of God! Believe in him ( – not blind faith!) and you will be saved.

You cannot for a second doubt the power of the living God. Not for a second. If you do you will perish. The Lord God hates that Evil be wrought in the world.

With your faith intact it’s time to proceed to the next level.

Pray! You don’t need a pastor or prophet to pray for you: you can do it yourself (- unless of course you doubt yourself!). Pray honestly to God and you will hear his voice! It doesn’t matter whether you are a Muslim or a Christian. If you pray correctly you will hear God’s voice. To hear his voice you need to be free of all prejudice, selfishness, malice and have a clear conscience. For Christians who don’t know how to pray there is the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23 and 91 – or you can come up with your very own personalised prayer. God doesn’t need your money, tithes, your offerings – or anything! All he requires of you is to follow his way( i.e – The Ten Commandments). All he needs you to do is talk to him, honestly.

Carry a symbol of your religion: most Christian will make the sign of the cross when confronted with evil or wear a crucifix; Muslims can carry their prayer beads, the Misbaha or Tesbih and Jews the Star of David. These things work a lot better than talismans or amulets from your Babalawo or witchdoctor! Word of advice here – some people carry crucifixes and tesbihs along with what they get from their witchdoctors in the hope it will give them all round protection. It won’t! The minute you start mixing something else with your religion you lose the protection of God. And the reason is very simple, because you doubt him by putting your faith in other things he will withdraw his support for you! (Remember ‘ shall have no other god before me..’)

Scientists have agreed that the most powerful form of energy in the universe is white light. Our Lord Jesus said that ‘…I am the Light of the World…’. Surround yourself with white light (- and not darkness!). To put it in a simple way that anybody can understand and use: when you are praying imagine a spotlight of white of coming down from heaven, covering and transfiguring you. No evil can come near anyone who is in the Light! Do this each time you pray or if you feel you’re in danger.

Another thing to do is ask the angels for help. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the consultation of angels and let me see if I can clear it up. An archangel or angel does not replace the role of God the Father, God the Holy Spirit or God the Son(Jesus Christ) in our lives: they complement. There are also those who would like to deceive you that you can control angels. You can’t! Angels are messengers from God! They will always do Gods will – not yours! Everyone has a guardian angel who watches over them. They are in your life to help and protect you at their discretion. They will help you and look after you as long as you are doing Gods will. They will not protect you if you’re bad, evil, selfish or don’t follow the will of God.

Most important thing of all – Heaven helps those who help themselves. Don’t go where you shouldn’t go, don’t do things you shouldn’t do. Be vigilant at all times and don’t put the Lord God to the test. If you’re thrown into the lion’s den you will be saved but if walk in willingly you’re on your own!

So you don’t need a pastor, prophet or witchdoctor (- who are only interested in your money!) to keep you safe from the forces of Evil. You can do it yourself.

Believe. Pray. Surround yourself with the Light of God and ask for continuing protection from your guardian angels.

I am living proof that it works.

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  1. kobiowu

    February 26, 2017 at 3:38 AM

    True protection can only come from God through His son Jesus Christ. In order to enjoy this therefore one needs to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ after repenting of all known sins.
    Prayers to God the Father is offered only in the name of Jesus and not through any other medium or being not even through any angels but only Jesus.

    • Sarah

      February 27, 2017 at 10:29 PM

      Well said. This writer displays a lot of ignorance about Christianity even with his or her vague and misused Bible quotations. For one thing, I don’t know why Africans are so obsessed with imagined spiritual attacks, are we the only humans in the world?! Such thoughts only lead to evil perpetration, hatred, strife, and will alienate one from God. God is holy, and we can only commune with Him in purity.

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