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How President Donald Trump’s Turbulent 30 Days In Office May Lead To Impeachment

Feb 20, 2017 – President Donald Trump: The First 30 Days In Office

How President Donald Trump’s Turbulent 30 Days Of Presidency May Lead To His Impeachment

An article By Tony Ogunlowo

Every new President in the United States spends his first month in office getting to know and thank the people who elected him into office, talking (politely) to fellow world leaders, selecting his executive team, using the media to get his message out and starts to implement his election campaign policies.

But not President Trump….

In less than 30 days as the President he’s managed to upset nearly everyone in the world – the Chinese, Russians, Mexicans, Iranians, Muslims – he even put the phone down on the Australian Prime Minister!

president donald trump 30 days office

Unique and unlike any other American President before him he’s an egomaniac, bully and misogynist and not to talk of him being crass; he makes ex-President bush look clever. He sees himself as an Emperor and if care isn’t taken to curb him he has all the makings of a wannabe dictator. I mean what kind of President demeans himself by acting like a juvenile delinquent, on steroids, tweeting his every dissatisfaction on Twitter and having spats with people? Hasn’t he heard of a thing(s) called decency, conduct and protocol? Obviously not!

Breaking with protocol and in a rare display of nepotism, never before seen in American politics, Mr Trump has populated his inner circle with family and cronies – with his daughter, Ivanka, standing in as First Lady In Waiting( – is the real First Lady, Melania, on vacation?)

His election promise to get Muslims from seven countries banned from entering the United States has been overturned by judges who have deemed it unconstitutional and discriminating. He’s still going to build his Mexican wall but now realises America will have to pay for it. He is even reported to be considering the use of more than a force of 100, 000 national guards to hunt down illegal immigrants.

His erratic behaviour is causing a major concern amongst world leaders who are not sure what he’s going to next. This is the man who has got his finger firmly on the nuclear button forcing Russia to step up its game in readiness for an all-out nuclear war should Trump flip.

Already he’s fired all foreign US ambassadors, fired sally Yates, acting US attorney-general, for opposing his US-ban on Muslims policy. He’s fired six of his White House staff after they failed FBI background checks. Michael Flynn, his top national security official, quit in the wake of secret contacts with Russian spies during his election campaign and the White House is in total disarray.

He’s constantly battling the press, singling out CNN and The Post as his arch-enemies claiming they only publish ‘fake news’ all the time ( – especially when things don’t go his way!).

His reluctant First lady ,Melania, is holed up in Trump Tower in New York most of the time and doesn’t want to seem to come out and leading politicians reckon he needs a psychiatrist on stand-by 24/7 as he’s mentally unstable and could suffer a meltdown.

Also, because he’s a billionaire his business interests conflict with his official duties as President. He claims he has signed over all his business interests over to his sons, who now run his empire, but everybody knows he’s still the power behind the throne. Where will he find the time to run the country?

There have been widespread demonstrations, worldwide, protesting against his stand on Muslim immigrants and travel and his treatment of women.

Finally on the 16th of February he gave a surprise 90 minute press conference claiming he had achieved more in his first few weeks than any of his predecessors saying ‘the White House is running like a fine-tuned machine’, while at the same time taking a swipe at the New York Times and CNN (again!) over his campaign aides links with Russia.

Running a country, the size of America, is not the same as running a business empire or a TV reality programme and the incumbent will have to learn to follow protocol and listen to the wishes of the people who elected him in the first place. At a time when there is a lot of turmoil in the world, America needs a clear headed President to head the world’s most powerful nation something Donald Trump clearly isn’t.

If in the space of less than a month he has managed to alienate himself from the people he’s supposed to lead there’s no saying what he’ll do if he’s allowed to complete his four year tenure. Knowing the Americans they’ll probably impeach him before then or…..

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  1. Omokehinde

    February 20, 2017 at 9:52 PM

    I want to believe that the writer-Archangel641 watches and read too much of fake news from CNN, New York times, and propaganda on social media. This is why people that can not reason independently are easily brainwashed by haters’ opinions called cable news network, social media lies and propaganda. It is obvious from the primary that CNN and other American news outlets have deviated from true journalism which implies reporting news without favor or bias, only a deaf and dumb person will deny the fact that American news media with CNN as their frontier worked tirelessly and really rooted for Hillary Clinton campaign ,they painted Donald Trump as a ridiculous, dumb, and incompetent person. Their was so bad, terrible, and unethical that they provided Hillary Clinton debate questions ahead of each debate. That is so shameful! But guess what, American people refused to listen to their fake news because Hillary Clinton was the most corrupt candidate ever run for American top job. Let us analyse their fake and rigged polls that state that Hillary will defeat Trump 98% to 2%. Again, they lied to the people in order to elect baby killers, gay/Lesbian advocate, WIcked, demonic and highly corrupt woman. President Trump must continue to attack those biased news media at every turn or chance he has. Obama had the media, Democratic party, liberal newspaper, Hollywood celebrities, and the party establishment that protected his satanic and pro-Muslism agenda for good eight years, but Trump has non but God and his mouth. He must not allow those angry, highly biased, and those delutional and wicked liberal newspaper and cable news to rebrand and shappe his administration. President Trump must remain focus, work on American economy, security, create jobs, and stand his ground against the media opposition. I’m 100% confident that he will be reelected for another 4 years comes 2020. What is wrong with doing exactly what he campaign on? He is not a politician, and people should never expect business as usual in the White House. He will be very successful because he became American president by the Mighty Hand of God of Isreal.

    • OLA

      February 21, 2017 at 4:21 AM

      YOU ARE I********!!!!!


    February 21, 2017 at 1:24 AM

    Well said Omokehinde Spirit of God will not Depart from you and Generation. You are of God.

  3. Jay Boy

    February 21, 2017 at 1:54 AM

    Yes @ Omo Kehinde your so called love daddy, Donald Trump is really ridiculous, dumb and incompetent, and please don’t let his foolish act becloud your sense of reasoning. I watch CNN and be advised the real news comes from CNN believe it or not. Your dear Fox news is archaic

  4. Taiwo

    February 21, 2017 at 3:33 AM

    Omokehinde your wish will not come true again. You call cnn reporting fake news, i guess fox news reported real news abi? All the protests that happened fews days after inauguration was never shown on fox news why, i wonder?? U dare complain about cnn, thank God for the likes of cnn and cnbc, we wont have great news, if trump is so great like u claimed, why is everyone and their mama against him? Why did the judge stop his first executive order? If it was a sensible order wont he have great back up enough to have sustained the stupid raggedy order? Trump is not wanted and Arcangel was right nobody wants a dictator, a true leader listens and hearken to the cry of his people, not sticking to his ways alone, it’either trump’s way or the highway. #KOLEWERK

  5. Tino

    February 21, 2017 at 5:59 AM

    This omokehinde is always saying nonsense and rubbish, guy think well before you write.

  6. fifelomo

    February 21, 2017 at 6:12 AM

    “Kolewerk” it makes me laugh.

  7. Endurance

    February 21, 2017 at 6:54 AM

    That was an Excellent article from you @Ogunlowo. Many have allowed their passion and love for Trump to cloud out his glaring misbehavior and unconstitutional move against the muslim nations all in the name of making america safe. One of the quality a president of any nation should possess is the ability to bear criticism from opposers without any need for retaliatory words. This business man turned-politician lack self control in this regard. He has been using intimidation to suppress criticism and dissent by his uncontrol use of his twitter as a president. @Omokehinde sometimes you just make me laugh. How can you just imagine the whole international news media are airing out fake report about Donald Trump your so called God-elected president? Many of his appointees in key government position who were formally staunch ally of the president are now resigning and abandoning his government for him due to his shameful foreign policy against other nations among other reprehensible behaviour of his. When an executive order of any US president is not in tandem with US constitution, it is bound to be overturn by the US Judges. That was what simply happened to Trump’s senseless and irrational ban of certain muslim nation entry into america. And for US court to overturned Donald Trump first executive order restricting certain muslim nations from entering US is a sign of many challenges that are yet to hit american politics. His relationship with Vladime Putin of russia,US long time Cold-war rival is gradually been monitored by US intelligent. Many of the high profile criticism is coming from his own top republican party members. Everything is simply wrong with this man who is still inexperience in terms of politics.

  8. saratu

    February 21, 2017 at 8:03 AM

    what is your problem with america! be concern about Nigeria please

  9. Mon

    February 21, 2017 at 9:48 AM

    @the writer…Archangel, can you tell us where President of Nigeria is?

    What we are witnessing with America politics is a real shake up,you can not defeat something like Clinton Machine and expect things to be as usual… President Trump will soon align with the real American patriots,he wasn’t a politician (liars) and he don’t want them to change him, though hard to resist.

    He never ban Muslims, but strict measures from the mentioned nations which was the same instruction from the past administration..but because President Trump said it this time,,the media made mountain out of ant hill.
    According to recent report, President Obama administration deported people more than any president in America history,but people never knew about that because he was one of their own…..
    If anybody never reason independently, but to trust and rely on all the news network,then you are going to make wrong judgement.


    February 21, 2017 at 3:30 PM

    Beautiful write up by Tony.
    I only wish and pray this “Cow Boy” president would not drive America into another World war
    The whole world is watching

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