Comedian Basketmouth Buys 2013 Opel Insignia Car; First Person To Own One In Africa

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Feb 25, 2013 – Comedian Basketmouth Buys Customised 2013 Opel Insignia Car; First Person To Own One In Africa

Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha who is well known for the stage name Baskemouth has made history after the acquisition of his brand new customised 2013 Opel Insignia car.

Basketmouth announced the delivery of his brand new wonder on wheels few hours ago via his Twitter page.

Below is a quick update from the popular comedian few hours back:

“Praise thy Lord oh,my christmas gift just arrived 2 months late,but its still mine anyway,her name is snow white.

She’s the first and only one in Africa,I built her from the scratch,as in…I cooked her like soup”

According to sources, Basketmouth’s newly acquired 2013 Opel Insignia car costs a whopping 42 Thousands British pounds an approximate of 10 Million Nigerian Naira.

This expensive wonder on wheel can only be ordered from the manufacturer and it’s not on display in any dealer’ showroom

Basketmouth is the first guy to acquire the car in Africa.

The comedian himself confirmed this via Twitter ” She’s the first and only one in Africa

That is something! God has indeed blessed him.

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31 thoughts on “Comedian Basketmouth Buys 2013 Opel Insignia Car; First Person To Own One In Africa

  1. rubbish! whats this boast about this is the only opel, customized or not, in Africa? To the best of my understanding, such grandiose claims are fallacious and misplaced attempt to claim some glory that is not there

    • Your just a hater child… Nigga worked for his money & bought that car, first in africa, it’s true:! Na him sey make your papa no see money buy am? Fuctard

  2. Good step wel taken.i love u happy for u.But d important asspect is that when u buy also remember 2 buy 4 others even if it is a toothpick.wel done.sam# say u are an enemy of progress.

  3. When God bless u he didn’t ask u 2wast it he has plan 4makin u great,there are many who can nt even aford a mil in a day in ur community pls help dem dis amount u spend on dis vain glory is 2much,lets help d less privilage God bles u.

  4. Basketmouth Are u sure the car am seeing in the picture is up to £42thousond, Or u want to do 9ja way make em haill u. Anyway am happy for u and ur new car. Buh the car is not up to that amount.

  5. Wen will Nigerians stop dis showy display of ones means of life. We are tagged No 2 hunger stricken country in d world and yet pple stil lavish money on mundane tins of life? Wel, its not dat i,m envious abt u B.M but my grievances is dat,such money wuld have been used on better tins most especiaaly to ameliorate some od less priiviledged sufferings. Learn how 2xtend ur hands to d needy ok? And stop toiling to be more popular. Anticipate to hear u say u have bought christ in ur life and ready to use him vigorously in spreading his good tidings before d end of world.

  6. Funny. U knw dis cant be true in a continent where we av 2much billiondollas. Xcept u wanna tell me d car is 2 miniature 2b admired by dis great men.

  7. This does not mean anything because very, very soon, you will baptize the car with mud along the bad roads in this country. If I were you, I would have bought a self loader that would be toying the car across those seas along our highways. By this the manufacturer would have the need of putting a toying point at the roof.
    I am not happy for you, because those your lazy brothers will soon declare you wanted and you’ll crack jokes for them in their hidden palace. As a Niger Deltan, you “overstand me”

  8. BM, UR SNOW WHITE MIGHT B D 1st IN AFRICANIGERIA BT NT CERTAINLY D LAST. Watchout, i might b jst behd u. Tnks 4 oppng d way anyway

  9. B.M, i am disappointed with this your senseless flaunting. I thought that you are wise but you have just succeeded telling people that you are an opportunist. Who do you want to impress, when greater number of your people are living in abject poverty. I am not only against buying such a car you have no road to ride but also the mouth you are making when millions of Nigerians better than you struggle to see that ends meet. Thank God for favoring, and it will be wiser to appreciate Him in humble way than expose yourself arrogantly

  10. B.M even if u buy a car of 50m must u fluant it dere ah many pple out dere dat av nt even eaten all day nd u ah here flauntin ur car. all is vanity upon vanity. upon all glodie’s wealth how many tins did dey bury wit her? B.M think

  11. I don’t knw y people can’t appreciate gudtins, if u critize greatness u will neva b great. Sir BasketMounth i thank God 4 ur life, keep it up.

  12. Bin d 1st 2 own dat knd of xpensiv car is a record good 2 set wit dat knd money(N10M) abt d Questions is::::”hope say no b 4 najia road U go drive d car? Abi u dnt go cnstruct ur own N10M 4 am ba?”:::::abeg na we wnt beg u oooh; wen d car old; no 4gt 2 com used dat ur big linkage basketmuth com tell us say d car don old dat we go tel u d moral lessons of ur life story….

  13. Basket Mouth u try sha is not easy … Fruit of labor they say( Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. My Guy enjoy ur machine jooor…. No mind them me self i dey Remove Aston Martin 2014…..

  14. Basket, it’s good 2 appreciate oneself but d truth of the matter is d u have a foundation dat help d less previlege. There are lot of programs that people can benefit 4m pls do nigerian youth a favour. BOIZ ARE NOT SMILING

  15. f**k you alll let him enjoy his money whats up with the biffff,later they will be the same ones saying f**k haters

  16. Nigerians ar so funny…. Evry1 is talkn of BM nt helpin d poor, needy, bla bla bla…, nd forgetss hw he work relentlessly for his money. U shd tank God 4 hm nd pray for his safety.. He cant stay witout a gud car becos odas ar hungry… Dont d needy hv govt… Besyds, hw abt wizkid dat buys a car of #40m… Lets allow dem enjoy d fruit of dier labour pls. Tanx

  17. I undastnd evri bit of wot u guyz r sayin bt d tin is u cnt satisfy evri body… How much is 10milion 2 satisfy his family talk more of his comunity… We hv people [email protected] buy more heavy rides dan dis , wot abt pastors dat own private jets buh hey am not really against him buyin dat car (i mean, u dnt expect him to drive a toyota of 2 or 3m nau, all fingers cnt jst b equal) buh if u ask me 10m is nt too much money 2 spend on a smale ride lik dat to gt a litle confort he deserve tru God’s mercy) in dis our tym. U all dnt knw hw his helpin one or two people around him he must nt help evribdy(ofcos he cnt) so pls instead of critisicin him try 2 rejoice wit him first den liv a litle piece of advice 4 him (daz wot evri gud fan shuld do) (my people say d fact smbody is fully grown dosnt mean his got all d wisdom he nid). sm of us here will do more if u’v got wot he hv 2dy. I love his acts alot & i pray as he enjoy’s his money God shuld giv him more grace to help d less privilagd. Lv ya all! Here’s my numba 08100595086 u cn alwz call or liv a txt.

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