Comedian Basketmouth Singing Reggae Music (Hilarious Video)

basketmouth singing reggae music

March 7, 2013 – Comedian Basketmouth Singing Reggae Music (Hilarious Video)

Below is a crazy video of Naija comedian Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth singing reggae music.

Basketmouth entered a singing competition with Ghana-born Reggae star Samini with Project Fame star Kesse as their guitarist.

Watch the video below

2 thoughts on “Comedian Basketmouth Singing Reggae Music (Hilarious Video)

  1. What a wounderful step and choice he, Basket Mouth has made. Been a reggae musician is not easy you know ? And its makes you a legend for instance, look at the life of great late Lucky Philip Dube, Bob Marley and others who has died yet whenever you play their musics, you feel their spirits because of the messages they’ve sent accrose the globe through their reggae mus
    ics. So, my pal, it’s a wise choice but send the globe true messages through it.

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