Corpse Of Nigerian Killed By Ebola Virus In Liberia Causes Scare In Anambra State

nigerian killed ebola virus liberia

August 1st, 2014 – Nigerian Killed By Ebola Virus In Liberia, Corpse Causes Scare In Anambra State

The corpse of a Nigerian killed by the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia has been brought into the country.

The corpse was secretly deposited at a mortuary in Nkwelle Ezunaka area of Oyi LGA of Anambra state .

The family of the deceased however didn’t inform the hospital that the deceased was killed by the viral Ebola virus.

A patriotic Nigerian who was aware of the death alerted Federal Ministry of Health of the presence of the infected corpse earlier in the week.

This forced the Federal Ministry of Health to dispatch a team of medical experts to Anambra State to carry out necessary tests on the corpse and the workers.

The state Police Command had also been directed by Governor Willie Obiano to cordon off the place to avoid influx of people until necessary tests were carried out.

Briefing newsmen yesterday on the discovery, the state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Josephat Akabuike, said a good citizen informed the ministry of the presence of the corpse from Liberia and because of the effect of the virus in that country, the state government decided to mobilise to do the needful.

Akabuike said: “Part of this briefing is to tell you what we are doing to make sure we don’t allow the deadly virus to come into this state, and what actually called for this is that we have a report that a corpse was brought into the state through Lagos and the deceased was said to have been brought from Liberia, where, of course, you know, there were cases of Ebola virus.

“The corpse is said to have been brought to Nigeria and deposited somewhere in Nkwelle Ezunaka in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State and the Ministry of Health has been alerted. That is why we are taking all these measures. We have already identified the mortuary and also informed the epidemiology unit of the Federal Ministry of Health and they are coming to help us screen the workers and the patients, and prevent it from spreading.

“We have collected all the necessary protective garments, we have sealed the hospital and quarantined all the persons, every person that had contact with the corpse; the morticians, the nurses and doctors in the hospital, even the relations of the victim. We are doing this so that they will be screened to make sure they are not infected in any way.”

The Commissioner expressed surprise that the corpse came into the country and the state without being checked at the ports.

No Ebola virus infection or death has been reported in Anambra.

23 thoughts on “Corpse Of Nigerian Killed By Ebola Virus In Liberia Causes Scare In Anambra State

  1. Is it necessary dey bury him here? The family involved in bringing him back should be locked in a room with him and let’s watch dem contact it too and dispose them properly like rats in other not to spread it further. The family dat brought him back are just too annoying,govt should sue dem all

  2. This z one of d worst thing anybody could do to his nation.. Why must dey bring it instead of burying it there, Liberia? When i talk of some useless n senseless culture of igbo land esp., some ppl look at me wit a different eye.. An hausa man z buried wherever he dies, while must we igbos spend millions in bringing a lifeless body home? Can’t we learn frm d Muslim, bury d body wherever d person died n then mourn the death at home? I hav always maintained, its useless n a waste of resources transporting corpse for a long distance, sm times importing.. Ok, now they hav imported ebola out of culture blindfold, ignorance, and wickedness. Who told u that a dead person does go2 heaven if they ar nt buried in their home town?
    Anybody who is connected in anyway in bringing ds corpse must face life imprisonment for this treason. Where z wisdom in this?

  3. I’m not even sure,if it’s only the dead bodies that they brought home. Believe me if they investigate very well, they’ll discover hard drugs inside the poket of the cloths that this dead bodies are wearing. Everything is an opportunity for igboman.

  4. And the doctors were so foolish not to know what killed the man, then how are you now a professional, pls is a planned work, the state is Anambra, and it belongs to eastern nigeria, so what do you expect, they can do anytin for money

  5. The comments here are really funny….see how black man love life and that’s why they can not even revolt against their bad government….The greatest enemy of progress is fear and that’s what still keeping Africa backwards…which ebola,whose language is that?

  6. the family should go
    and disdcharge the dead body for bury a.s.a.p. as soon as possible before it lead to another person death

  7. It could be rumour, let’s hold our breath until the necessary result of the test comes out to confirm the death is ebola victim.

  8. I want to believe this is not a deliberate act, i mean politically motivated.
    Let’s think of Patrick Sawyer, the Liberia man, why did he choose to come to Nigeria having know that he had contacted the disease from his sister?
    May God help us in this nation!

  9. Dis is such a terribl fate dat no man would eva pray2knw. First of all, 2 bury a deceased lovd one in a foreign land requires a lot of emotional strength on d part of d survivors. 2some, it makes no difrns where a man is buried. 2 odas, it would appear dat d deceased had been abandond if d corpse was nt brot home. And yet there r odas who would treat d whole issue wit a westernised cavalier inclination.
    Personally, I feel dat a luvd one who passes on shd b buried @ home. Not evry man can hush down d psychological after-shock dat takes place if his father, 4 e.g., dies & is buried away in anoda man’s land.
    Bak 2 Anambra; I shudder wit many feelings. There r ppl who would prefer 2 rather risk death but save their psychological balance. In som cases, dis is wise & brave. In som oda cases, such as dis, it is sheer feeble mindedness. Bringing bak dis stiff could mean but one thing, to wit: d family is dismayd by dis loss, & as such no more care weda or not they live. I’d rather not blame them, but d authorities @d nation’s frontiers instead, who neva cared 2 tighten sucurity2d most severe limit @d outbreak of dis disease.
    May we not b singing our nuncdimitus sooner dan we’d thot!

  10. @nyetu.I concur with your opinion intoto.but I doubt ifa person killed by this virus will be released to the family even in Liberia considering how deadly the virus is and how careful people are about its spread. If it is that the person came into Nigeria alive then it is understandable if bringing d corpse I have my doubt.

  11. Personally I think this is an incomplete report, this is because the writer commented that a test was carried out on the corpse but he failed to inform readers if the test carried out was confirmed to be Ebola… as usual contributors for the exception of Ugbonna Favour had serious doubts… @ Metu Nyetu, you are completely wrong in your final analysis in saying ‘i would rather not blame them’ for bringing in the supposedly deceased Ebola victim to Nigeria;

    we as human beings naturally needs closure to most things in our lives especially when it comes to the issue of death and burial, however, bringing in a corpse that is presumably littered with such virus which presents a clear and imminent danger that will definitely explode to a Plague in the country is unequivocally and out-rightly WRONG… go read about the Black Death that killed off more than half of European population during the Elizabethan age…. you think Boko Haram is a threat? Now read what a deadly plague is all about….

    If this report is true which is strongly doubted, the family of the deceased and whoever agreed for the corpse to be moved from Liberia must be brought to book, because this is a clear message of Chemical attack on a nation.

  12. Notin can justify wat dey did,its treasom in d highest order,metu u said it’s out of love abi,wen ministry of health crimates d body,u nd d family nd supporters wud knw how far,cos dats wats goin to be done,buh I seriously pray dat all our fears won’t be true,cos it’s goin to be devastating nd @ times let’s drop sentiments wen reasonin serious matter!!!

  13. @Denis Ray & Faihi, pls try 2 undastand me. I am neva in support of wat dis family hav don. It is evil up2 its superlative definition. But I apportion a heavier weight of blame 2d authorities dat let it leav Liberia, & d authorities dat let it sneak in2 Nigeria.
    Let me tel u, folks, d family of dis dead man see dis whole thing frm an entirely diffrnt slant. U dnt expect dem 2b totally rational in their thot or behaviour. A woman whose son is convicted 4 murder & sentenced 2death would stil wish dat her son b freed despite d gravity of his crime whereas d society would cry 4 justice. Dat’s d way it is! D [email protected] would alwz hav a diffrnt view bcs they dnt feel d pain directly. Were u a member of dat family, u may b seeing diz things frm anoda light.

  14. Is like those family where stoned from jupiter to the EarTh,,there ArE HEARtlesS AND at Da same moment useleSS alSo!

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