Cossy Orjiakor Reveals HIV Test Result “Am Not Positive, I Don’t Have AIDS”

cossy orjiakor has aids

May 20, 2013 – Cossy Orjiakor Reveals HIV Test Result On Twitter “Am Not Positive, I Don’t Have AIDS”

Few months ago, an anonymous insider reveals actress Cossy Orjiakor‘s secret battle with HIV disease, if you missed the previous update, read it here.

Though her response is coming a bit too late, the actress has finally opened up for the very first time since the news broke in February 2013.

According to Cossy, the test result of her HIV test is out and guess what, despite her controversial lifestyle, the result came negative.

She made this confirmation via her Twitter update few hours ago.

“Am not hiv positive, I don’t ve Aids, cuz my test result just came out, for those carrying those rumors go get urselfs tested. Hahaha

cossy orjiakor hiv test result

Chai! Bad belles wan spoil her market.

10 thoughts on “Cossy Orjiakor Reveals HIV Test Result “Am Not Positive, I Don’t Have AIDS”

  1. T congratulate the beautiful COSSY ORJIAKOR that she is loved by most Nigerian Men:l personally love her courage and boldness:She is not HIV positive: Shame to the Devlish people:lam COSSY`best friend: l will like Cossy to get in touch with me:l like to wish her the best of luck in all her endevour:Most Nigerian MEN like her BUT they cannot say it openly: Life is live and let live: lam a TOURISM ADVISOR

  2. She might not be positive but her waywardness is ruining her life nd carrier. She need to change her mode of dressing if noting else a little. Stop floting ur pride around nd peoples view about her will change. Check out mercy johnson since she got married everything about her change. Change you life style bcos it dosent pay.

  3. who was there when she did the test and where is the result of the test?after paying doctor for a fake result she is now coming out to say she is not HIV positive.i no and I believe she she has HIV.

  4. u had better repent else u perish. whether u tested positive or negative isnt my concern, rather ur soul which is about to perish in hell is what we all should be more concern about.

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