Cultists Kill Native Doctor Inside Shrine While Preparing Charms For Rival Cult Members

cultists kill native doctor

April 25, 2016 – Cultists Murder Witch Doctor Inside His Shrine While Preparing Charms For Rival Cult Members

A native doctor has been murdered by some suspected cultists in Ebonyi state.

The victim identified as Chief Onupka Nwite was preparing power charms for some cult members when their rival storm the shrine and stabbed him to death.

Chief Nwite was murdered around 8pm on Friday at his shrine in Ndulo Nkwuagba Ngbo in Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi.

The son of the deceased Nwabueze Onukpa has reported the matter to the police.

He appealed to Ebonyi Police command to help in arresting the cultists who killed his father.

15 thoughts on “Cultists Kill Native Doctor Inside Shrine While Preparing Charms For Rival Cult Members

  1. Chai! So upon all the belief the client had in the “dangerousness” of the juju when he went to hire the native doctor, the juju could not stop the assailants from killing the man?
    God is supreme.

  2. juju man kill by cultist when preparing charms for rival cult, but come, so juju man no see they are comeing to kill him, and is juju cant stop them,a beg pack well, run to God Almight.

  3. His power can not help him,there is juju power but GOD is power than everything,prayer is the best and giver never lake

  4. U re preparing protection charm 4 other’s while u can’t prepare any one 4 urself…
    Wot a deceitful world..

  5. Huumm, Double punishment even in death. A god that doesn’t see, hear or perceive.- So Choose Ye who to serve. As for me and my Family, we will serve the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY till the end of time.

  6. A juju man who could not protect himself from the cultist knives, what was the assurance that he could prepare a protective charms against attacks from seeming enemies for his clients?

    I take a stroll off…

  7. Others should learn from this Native Doctor, all these are powerless and fake. Jesus power is super power

  8. everyone should tin of his of her self, if one that said is powerful than everyone and a fallow man of his tape kill him. is that power?.God is the most powerful man.

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