Dad From Hell: Insane Father Who Puts Dead Baby Inside Fridge Charged

dad puts dead baby inside fridge dallas

June 23, 2016 – Dad From Hell: Stay At Home Father Who Puts Dead Baby Girl, Daughter Inside Fridge Charged With Manslaughter

Meet 33-year-old Michael Thedford, a full time stay at home dad who reportedly killed his daughter on Tuesday in Dallas.

The father of three dropped off his 3-year-old and 5-year-old children at the daycare around 9am on Tuesday. On getting home, he forgot to carry his 6-month-old daughter from the car.

He rushed inside to have a nap only to realise he had left his baby girl in the van.

The girl reportedly died after the outside temperature reached 32C.

He rushed out to pick the dead baby up from the car and placed her corpse in the fridge in a bid to wake her up.

When the girl was unresponsive, he took her out the fridge to file a report at the police station.

He was today charged with manslaughter.

8 thoughts on “Dad From Hell: Insane Father Who Puts Dead Baby Inside Fridge Charged

  1. Very sad but from the report he appears to be out of his depth caring for three children. It is a pity.

  2. This man looks like Dean Ambrose, the current WWE heavy weight champ. He is also known as the lunatic fringe. Now that his look-alike has done this crazy thing, I am beginning to wonder if there is something with this kind of face.

  3. Couldn’t he av just rushed her to d hospital, and what sort of forgetfullness is dat, didn’t he get out of d car. How do dis people think, they should av charged him for first degree murder. What a sick fellow. I can’t just comprehend it forgettg a child not food or clothes.

  4. lol @ metu nyetu…..they really look alike though one of my current favourite wrestlers….probably Michael telford was on pills.

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