Danfo Bus Conductor Stabs Passenger On Stomach Over Defaced 100 Naira Note

danfo bus conductor stabs passenger

August 9, 2016 –  Danfo Bus Conductor Stabs Passenger On Stomach Over Defaced 100 Naira Note

Segun Adamu, a 27-year-old bus conductor was today docked before a Badagry Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos State, for allegedly assaulting one Mr Abraham Adams.

The accused, whose address was not disclosed in court, is facing a charge of assault.
The prosecutor, Insp. Innocent Uko told the court that the accused committed the offence on July 29 at Ajido Bus Stop in the Badagry.

He said that the accused stabbed the complainant on the stomach after an argument ensued between them.

“The complainant who was a passenger in the bus gave the accused a defaced-N100 note as his transport fare and this resulted into an argument.
“In the middle of it, the accused carried a bottle, broke it and stabbed the complainant on his stomach,” he said.

He noted that the offence contravened Section 171 of Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
The accused pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The counsel to the accused, Mr Joseph Awuwu, pleaded with the court to grant bail to the accused in liberal terms.


10 thoughts on “Danfo Bus Conductor Stabs Passenger On Stomach Over Defaced 100 Naira Note

  1. Now stabbing by offenders is trending,; may God Help Nigeria! Why can’t one have news of good things trending for a change, like every State Government creating one thousand jobs a month for the youths living there or all the terrorist groups input country repenting and surrendering their weapons and vowing to keep the peace?
    After stabbing the passenger was the N100 note become clean? Trying times and hardship putting people on very short fuse. God Help us a beg.

  2. @Fifelomo, no disrespect mearnt,but your comment will make one feel you are from different planet or heaven. Stabbing has been happening from time in memory,in any part of Nigeria…and World wide.

    There is lack of discipline in Nigeria society.

  3. He should be charged for attempted murder which one is assault. That to me is too liberal what if d man had died when he stabbed him.

  4. @ Mon & Sola, I guess you both didn’t understand Fifelomo comment.. don’t get it twisted with his including d word “Imagine”, he actually meant to say human beings has no respect for other human beings lifes.. Hence he put it his own way thus: Imagine, stabbing another being. No kind of crime one wouldn’t hear in lag …

    Anyway, it surprised me that d suspect pleaded not guilty.. therefore I guess bail will take immediate effect n by so doing encourages others that stabbing is a free play toy..
    NIGERIANS, WHICH WAY ?????????

    #LGO: Life Goes On#

  5. Must every argument result to fighting, stabbing, shooting and killing each other? This is getting out of hand in this country. Sometimes I use to wonder if our youths have been possessed by demons.

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