Daniel Ademinokan And Stella Damasus Dating; Lovers Engaged Few Weeks Ago

stella damasus dating daniel ademinokan

Dec 16, 2012  – Daniel Ademinokan Dating Stella Damasus ; Lovers Engaged Few Weeks Ago

According to a report reaching NaijaGists.com from a reliable Nollywood insider, talented Nigerian movie producer Daniel Ademinokan who recently divorced his wife, actress Doris Simeon due to irreconcilable differences is now dating actress Stella Damasus. naijagists.com

According to the movie producer, his divorce with his ex-wife, Doris wasn’t because of Stella. In a recent interview Daniel said he and his wife are still on good grounds because they discuss from day to day just for the sake of their little son.

Daniel Ademinokan who said he doesn’t care what anybody said about his relationship has made up his mind on Stella Damasus.

He secretly engaged Stella at a private surprise party in Lagos state Nigeria few weeks back.

Daniel who has become a regular visitor to Stella’s office at Ikota shopping complex in Lekki Lagos was once a business partner who has now turned her private lover.

The lovers are planning to get married secretly in the upcoming year.

Daniel and Doris Simeon use to be the envy of us all, we’re surprise to see them break up suddenly after Stella came into Daniel’s life. Doris Simeon is going through some silent struggle right now, she is not her usually happy self anymore. – said the source.

The source also said it appeared Daniel has fell out of love for his wife who is very hot-tempered after he naturally fell in love with cool-headed Stella Damasus.

51 thoughts on “Daniel Ademinokan And Stella Damasus Dating; Lovers Engaged Few Weeks Ago

    • Im very disappointed at Stella’s behaviour! As pretty and as popular as she is, she couldnt get herself a real man. I dont see anything attractive in this daniel!!!
      Why must she snatch her colleague’s hubby
      Waaaoooo! I cant believe she is that cheap and desperate

    • I know is too late for Daniel to reconcile with his wife but what he did is totally bad. leaving your wife to just bcos of Stella. Stella is an HUSBAND SNATCHER, ADULTERER AND SHAMELESS WOMAN. If she has been little patience God will give her a rightful man who will marry her and love her dearly. Daniel is only after her fame and money.

    • ALLAH, GOD can never give them peace bcos both of them have created a sorrow in the heart of Doris Simon. What story will she tell her son that his father left them for Stella. that child can never forgive his father and stella

  1. Why r u greeting her congrat?how many times will this bicth get married huh?she’s in her third relationship now.How would God grant her peaceful home,when another woman is crying somewhere.l use to be her fan,but didn’t know she’s this looseWhat a shame Stella!she just left another marriage after the death of her husband.Now another woman’s husband from the same industry.i wonder what our female celebrities r turning to.most of them v their eyes on sweet homes to destroy.i knw she must v been jealous of Doris Simeon and her ex,bcos they r always together.stella,u such a disgrace,and I spit on u for this.i thought u said u weren’t dating Daniel.u crept into a sweet home,and shattered it.may ur life also be shattered.

    • Amen!!!! to all the prayers against stella that felt the little boy that ties his father and mother together does not deserve a home

  2. Y re u guys congratulating dem, GOD doesn’t support divorce, u beta spilt n u daniel shd go back to ur wife, weda she is hot or fire tempered,

  3. Cngrate stella.. Any body were talk say make ur water no born, de no go sale stove 4 him town……happy marrage life



  6. Wetin concern una for her life? instead, make una find how e go better for una and how una go do una ownself na person wey done make am na im una dey cos. time dey go ooo. STELLA DAMASUS ABODURIN. Me i love u scater ooo. Am happy for u jare. THIS WEDDING WOULD NOT BE A MISTAKE (IJN) If am old enough to marry i would marry sefe jare. ALMIGHTY GOD IS WITH YOU. PEACE.

    • Hey boy am sure ur an underage…its rili sad ur brain is very shallow and porrors..even a dumb man knows dis is wrong..mumu you put leg for where evry normal human being put head…am sure ur jst like dis so called Daniel..even the Holy Bible is against divorce you had beta sit and av a re_fink of ur life

  7. GOD is watching stop distroying your fellow woman’s marraige just beleive God for your own husband. As a Christain your Action is not Biblical pls.

  8. If this is true, am disappointed with stella.. But why Dorris simeon now? she’s such an Angel..so Daniel didn’t notice she was ill tempered during dating-days abi? Na wah 4 we 9ja men oo.

  9. shame on u stella,i didn’t know u’re dis loose.Why somebody’s husband.Why not look for s divorcee n marry or widower.U’ll never find peace in dis marriage u want to embark in.Please re-trace ur step nne.

  10. stella i used to like u,but this has make me to dislike you.most u broke another woman home for u to get married?not a good one remember the same way you broke another woman home same will happen to u as well.think twice woman

  11. i am suprised to read this blog. i am married for just 4 months but i dont pray to loose my husband to any woman or death no matter what.
    i am not perfect but will to learn and change. what make all think that the hot tempered woman cannot be counseled and then she will change. if the guy is a good guy, he would look for ways to make his home a bed of roses.
    i dont blame stella, i blame the man. he is simply Adulterous.
    all i can say is that God cannot bless such union and it cannot last. it is the law of carma.

    • Romeo we r deir fans we cnt let dem be.. Deyy shld do wat is right…wat a shame a very big shame

  12. Stella i have lost all respect i used to have for you!Are u that desperate??? Why must it be u u all the time? From one relationship to another…now it’s another actress’s husband.na wa o…abeg take am easy o…

  13. disappointment stella, firstly either you are older in age than the idiot called daniel or younger u look so much older id i may tell u, 2ndly, u are a disgraced to the womanwood and widowood. what legacy are u laying down to your children? Everything u think u’r enjoing with doris’s husband u better drop it now before the nemesis will caught up with your own ……… stupid idiot stella.

  14. Daniel pls reconcile with ur wife wether she is hot tempered or not,nd pls stella get urself another single man,u are still beautiful,see how people are calling u names,I do not like it,I reali do lv u,so I hate whn people talk stupid tins about u,daniel is not d right guy for u,God has a better plan for u.lv u

  15. My dear Stella, u ve heard it from d majority of pple. The voice of the pple, they say is the voice of God.l thought u were a christian and had some christian virtues. U r a beautiful woman and surely a good hubby must come bt certainly not a divorcee. Im sure Doris was nt put away on grounds of adultery,the only reason why a man can divorce his wife. Surely this arrangement is nt of God. This is ADULTERY!

  16. stella is d worst woman in d world,why cant she settle down and train her children must she marry or sleep with different men.she is not lacking anything,and if she decides to marry she should look for a matured man that can take care of her and her children,a man that her children can call a father not jumping around with different dirty men and breaking homes.How many men will her children call daddy.

  17. Bitch, witch, husband snatcher.. Etc. Let’s be careful what we say to another, cos the same words could be used against us! This dude was seperated from his wife long before stella got into the pix. Even if its the opposite, let’s leave everything to God! No one has the right to judge her..

  18. Cnt believe stella cld do dis..Daniel claims his wife is hot tempered like he dsnt know b4 dey got married..all dis actors and actresses are worst dan an infidele cos deyy dnt even practise wat Deyy preach…av olwaiz envied Daniel and Doris marriage…God will judge all evil doers

  19. What God ‘ve joined let no man put assunder. My dear stella u enterin into marriage is nt biblical bt adultry, nw u ‘ve succeeded in d destroyin a peaceful hme. Pls i wnt u 2 ‘ve a rethink bcoz Daniel is nt d ryt man 4u nd let me tel u something God can neva bless this marriage with peace, joy nd luv wen u enter into it. Stella wat is clearly disturbin d both of u is lust nd infatuation. Jst imagine d kind of respect u lost 4rm ur fans jst within this short period. Pls u need to change nd settle down nd God wil bring a very gud husband 4 u, dnt b too desperate ok. I luv u.

  20. What wil profit u stella when u gat al d pleasures nd enjoyment of diz world nd then loose ur soul nd rust in hell?

  21. i pray 4 Doris dat God wil comfort her.i believe only in wat i see and nt wat i hear.so its dificult 4 me 2 judge Daniel and Stella coz am nt close 2 dem.God knws d best bt d press are tryin.

  22. Anyone close to me knows how much I loved and admire Stella but not anymore! I was never bothered about d numerous scandals written about her but dis one takes d biscuits! Of all d men in d world, why dat of a married one and a colleague for dat matter!, Dorris is not a favorite of mine and no matter how hot tempered dey claim she is, I think she deserves d right to work out d problems in her marriage and not for Stella to jump at d lies being told by Daniel that their marriage was not working! I tried not to be judgmental but can’t just help it, I don’t like Stella anymore! U fell my hands! Dis is Niger not Hollywood.

  23. it so obvious d guy is not the serious type,he shud batter reconcile wit his wife cus they re still young,so why shud they go for a divorce?…..stella is jst so shameless,must she date d guy inn d first place? knowing fully well dat he is a divorcee . God has not show stella her real husband…m very sure d hungry guy wil divorce stella d same way he did to doris

  24. the cane used in beating a first person the Remanent awaits the second person.let wait and see who d loser is going to be

  25. Pls Stella that young man is disiving u , the you man will decently will reconcile with his former wife so back out for this ugly relationship , keep yourself well there men coming which you will enjoy it marriage, do not Russ. Comm, alico

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