Davido Denies Lady In Bed Story: “I Never Met The Girl That Took My Picture”

davido lady bed photo

March 29, 2013 – Davido Denies Lady In Bed Story: “I Never Met The Girl That Took My Picture”

Few months ago, Nigerian hip hop artist David Adeleke aka Davido was caught on camera while sleeping on the bed with an unidentified lady.

The picture became so viral that almost all his fans saw it.

Apparently the lady in the above picture has apologized to Davido and his family members for invading the singer’s privacy.

In this latest interview with Ebuka Obi Uchendu, hear what Davido said on this story below;

I was asleep in bed. The girl just snuck in and (makes gesture of taking photograph) I don’t know her. I used to stay in an apartment back then and movement was kind of free. Maybe I didn’t lock the door and she just snuck in and took the pix. I have however moved to my new home where there is much tighter security.

I didn’t realise what was going on even after the pix was posted online. I traveled to Ghana immediately afterwards and I noticed on the plane people were just staring at me and I wondered why. Since it was a flight my phone was switched off and so I had no idea what was happening online.

When I got to Ghana, I still got the same stare from people. I was asked by friends to switch on my phone and that was it. 300 calls from Dad, 600 calls from grandma, everyone asking Davido what’s going on.

The girl later apologised to my people but then the damage had already been done.

Which kind lady is this? Abi she wan become popular by force.

38 thoughts on “Davido Denies Lady In Bed Story: “I Never Met The Girl That Took My Picture”

  1. Women! Women! Women! Pls lv young men 2 thr destination ooo, wats all ths rubish 4, is it by force 2 bcome popular, after all thr a lot of men outside, go nd snap pic wth those one nd lv davido alone…idiot?

  2. Mr Davido, did u smoke weed,until she entered the house u could nt even ntice,she met u on bed took some photograph.nawao

  3. O boy na paparazzi she be? Dem don do u wetin America do mohmod ghadafi of libya na. Next time be vigilant.

  4. I don’t believe Davido even a bit. How can somebody enter his room and he would not know? How again would she climb his bed and lay, not only next to him, but on him, and he said he didn’t know. If he said the girl drugged him it would have sounded real. Davido, go and tell your story to animals in the zoo, maybe they would listen and decide whether to believe you or not. Zip up o! What seems to taste sweet do kill after all.

  5. Davido after u don wipe d lady finish u wan lia ba i no blame u @all na d mumu girls wey dey follow follow u because of ur papa money i blame.

  6. Davido must be lyng he clearly looks like they just finihed having sex, but he denies it b/c of the embarassment & shame it was bringing to he & his family of course he is gonna deny it after getting through her pants. thts wht they all do disclaim u after getting between ur legs na wa o this woman do want to show of tht she has the best man in town, maybe her friends and some fellow neighbors or peeps bullied her when she was a child or maybe they still do so they told her she was ugly tht she will nvr be able to sleep with a good looking guy so she took ths pic to prove them wrong or maybe she wanna be famous by force. idotic woman shah. lmfao

  7. Devido were you carried by de girls love see as you just open mouth like hungry lion. Lolz. Women unah de wicked ooooooo .

  8. comon man whatz all this?
    its ur life bro.no one is perfact so u neednt much lies to survive.
    u fucked her and she screwed and so what?
    lies are cheap talks so be a man!

  9. U dont know d girl dat snap d pix yet she has apologised to your parens 500 calls from dis 600 frm dat…. Mumu who u dey deceive

  10. This guy dey lie lie oooooooooo!!! Na small boy like u u think everybody be? When una don nack the poor girl tired,come sleep like crazy person ,u no want make people know wetin u dey do? Abeg ,shut ur stinking lying mouth. SEE the mouth self………….. I salute the girl,only God knows how many girls u dey do like this wey nobody know self,chop and wipe mouth,result dey come one day. Make ya papa warn u,as he be doctor,AIDS IS REAL OOOOOOOOOOO.

  11. Davido i thing you must be a big fool in you familys where did you get 900 calls maybe your papa and your gramma no get job abi you can’t deceive all

  12. Can’t u peep check out this pix? Wit the look on her face she was up to somthing.she wanted something out of this px,davido,I know is possible u are far asleep without knowing what was going on,just be watchful next time,we ladies r dangerous.

  13. Thats Trivina’s face. Guys don’t be fooled. There is nothing you can say to cover this up. Malcolm say so.

  14. O’boy na lie lie u bii, wen u wake up na 4 inside plane? Abi u baf for house b4 travln en yua fon was off from house abi?

  15. Davido u see us wearin pampas ? U don finish goin unda ha panties nd it paind ha datz y she did wat wil pain u she swit wel wel datz y u went asleep nd she snaped u she did wat 2 get moni out of u bcos u didnt giv ha moni guy control ur dick!!!!

  16. I think he was set up, cus he luks as if dey drugged his drink. Dat lady. Jst. Wan spoil his image. He ws set up.

  17. Well I find the story lame! How can a someone possibly snick into a celeb’s room??? No security again or what??? Hmmmm!!! U must have invited her in.

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