Davido Accused Of Using 3 Crew Members As Illuminati Human Sacrifice

davido used 3 crew members illuminati human sacrifice

October 10, 2017 – Davido Accuses Of Using 3 Crew Members He Lost Days Apart As Illuminati Human Sacrifice

Star artist Davido has come under fire over the mysterious death of three of his crew members.

He lost one of his crew members, Tagbo Umeike on his birthday last week Tuesday the 3rd of October 2017.

About 4 days later, two of his crew members, Chime Amaechi and Olugbenga Abiodun were found dead in a BMW car in Banana Island Lagos.

The mystery surrounding the deaths of his 3 crew members has forced critics to accuse him of using them as human sacrifice.

The last two victims of untimely death in Davido’s camp were said to have vomited blood, which raised another suspicion of occult killings.

All these mysteries happened several months after Davido was caught wearing a jacket with “all seeing eyes” a popular Illuminati symbol in one of his videos.

davido illuminati shirt

Days after the mysterious deaths, Davido won the artist of the year award while his song ‘IF’ was picked as the song of the year at 2017 Africa Muzik Awards and Music Festival that held in Dallas Texas.

Autopsy is still being conducted on the deceased to determine the exact cause of their untimely deaths.

8 thoughts on “Davido Accused Of Using 3 Crew Members As Illuminati Human Sacrifice

  1. I reject bad friend that stand the chance to hinder my luck and of my life because of been rich and to be famous in Jesus name amen , young boys of nowadays i fear una , the truth must be reveal , time eill tell …

  2. When it stays questionable…..then it is. Those friends might be used as baits. They couldn’t just be out-rightly killed so mysterious alcohol poisoning will occur as well as able bodied men vomiting blood for no reason(without prior illness). Watch out now, it may happen same time next year but i am sure most will forget. Blood sacrifice…period.

  3. If you try to associate yourself to some of these famous people who have sold their soul to the devil, you may end up being a sacrificial lamb. Most of our Politicians, the Governor, Ministers always sacrifice their associates, friends, personal assistants whenever it’s time for them to donate in their occult world. That is why whenever there is an accident, it is only their staffs, friends and PA who normally die. They always survive their accidents while shifting that calamity on innocent victims. You need to watch out for those whom you associate with.

  4. Esteemed reasoning requires that we think logically. This young man who desperately being accused right left and center as being behind the consumption of three young human Nigerian souls looks like he is currently in center of furnace of fire.DOES HE NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATION OF THE TROUBLE THIS IS FOR THE HUGE POTENTIAL CAREER IN FRONT OF HIM? I ask because he is just keeping quiet or doing a little.May be his handlers should advise him that its only few things that stays permanently up and man has never been one of them. Quietness could simply mean YES

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