Davido Buys N20 Million Mercedes Benz G55 SUV (Photo)

davido buys mercedes benz suvdavido mercedes benz car

July 24, 2013 – Davido Buys N20 Million Mercedes Benz G55 SUV (Picture)

Omo baba olowo has joined the list of Naija celebrities flaunting their newly acquired wonder on wheels on social networks.

Davido announced to her Twitter fans on Tuesday that he has acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV (G55) from the United States Of America.

“Can’t wait for my baby to land! G55 AMG! Thank u Lord!” — Davido (@iam_Davido)

davido mercedes benz jeep

According to sources, Davido’s newly acquired SUV costs a whopping 20 Million Naira.

The singer got his Twitter account verification yesterday.

The acquisition of his new ride came after his European tour.

He arrived Lagos 4 days ago and fans almost mob him out of excitement.

From one expensive jewellery to the other and now a 20M car. Make him take life easy o.

Congrats to him.

30 thoughts on “Davido Buys N20 Million Mercedes Benz G55 SUV (Photo)

  1. Mey una just dey lavish money anyhow,shebi na here on earth e go end. See jagons wey u go buy 20m naira,beta go return am dem cheat u!

  2. Congrats 2 him bt i tink he shld b a little sensible bcos as 4 me,all dis flautn around wit new stuffs nd deir amount jst 4 fame its senseless

    • Ah thought ah waz d only pesin dah saw dat gbagaun… 2Om for this shiit?? Jeez..u got it bro..continue squandering

  3. H K N is better dan d rest. daveeeeeeedddddddoooo u r killing me softly nothin du U WALAHI TALAHI. jus dey rise dey go ur limit wu pass sky. prince say so.

  4. Happy for you bro!You are one of my favourite artists in Nigeria. Keep it up man! Ronald from Fretown, Sierra Leone

  5. Hi big bross is like de money is 2much for u and u don’t know what to do with it really if u can help me with some I have some thing to do with it dis is my no 08065601557 thanx and god bless bt congrat

  6. At this age you nor know wetin you go use money do? If you consider yourself mature, get married, settle down and start raising kids. Instead of this waste of money, just to impress people.

  7. Y u no use de money to feed the poor people and cripple wey full lagos u go lavish ur money 4 tokumbo car. I no regard u until u feed the needy -repent.

  8. Hw does dz affect d price of fish in d market? Hw old s he self dt he s flaunting all dz money? Anyway i dnt blame him cos d money no b real, na illuminatic money, wetin we expect? Mehn all dz things na vanity upon vanity, f**k suck, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! M out

  9. Congratulation oooo God dat provide urs wil provide mine oooo Emi a loooooo.kip it up it’s ur time flex it nicely nd alway remember ur God in everytin in life

  10. O u call it baby. Wel l tank God 4 ur life. But rember it is not how much car u bouhgt that matters Mr M Benz. BUT how many of ur relatives, friends, or less urchins pple hav u b able to ‘succor’ into their life. That is what makes u a big guy. Be sage boyyyyyyy.

  11. Save for future purposes ,u can even help charity homes ,there are so many pple there in Niger that needs help for surgery or the other,there so many better things u can do with what u ve now,be wise Abeg.

  12. Realy it good but tobe honest 20m.is it not tomuch for you besides if you. Grow money in ur ouz remember de needings are out dere graduates are dere dey av no job nofin but look @ you twenty year old boy with such money well it ur tyme cause our leaders did worst tins dey give no good examples so I don’t blame you much have while it last but remember god cause He’s the alfa and omega not by your power but god’s takia

  13. when people are poor u talk about them, when they are rich u curse them coz they don’t help so what should they do. God has blessed Davido so leave him, let him enjoy. Have fun brother , life is short enjoy it when u still young. Those people are calling u names are jealous& they wld do the same thing if they were to be in yr shoes.enjoy my dude!

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