Rihanna Dumps Long Hair Styles “Short Hair Is My Mojo”

rihanna long hair stylesrihanna short hair styles

July 24, 2013 – Rihanna Dumps Long Hair Styles “Short Hair Is My Mojo”

Rihanna was recently asked by a fan on Instagram if she prefers short hair styles to long styles, the blunt singer said long hair styles get in the way of her BJ’s.

See her detail reply below;

Haaaa. I’ll be back to long! I’m just not very good with long hair! I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have the patience to deal with or style it! It’s always on your neck or back, and gets in the way of my bjs, it’s this thing attached to me that I always have to take care of! Then a week later I’m over it, new style, new color, new length! Short hair is my mojo tho!

Do you think Riri looks better in short hair styles?

8 thoughts on “Rihanna Dumps Long Hair Styles “Short Hair Is My Mojo”

  1. In short hair look more natureal and bring her beauty out,the long hair look more fakeand she look more older woman of 30yrs.

  2. i love my rihanna on short hair, she looks so ugly on long hairs, dts y in Nigeria very short hairs style s name afta her ‘ rihanna style’ cari go gal, pls dnt change ur looks

  3. Bullshit weda she keeps a lng hair or nat wat ah knw is dat d devil is using her [REPENT]

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