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Digital Marketing: The Ripple Effect Of SEO & Social Media

By Oluwatodimu Ogunade

In a world where modern technology and online activities are rife and transactions are carried out on a virtual level, it is without reasonable doubt to conclude that digitalization has influenced human activity in a big way.

Online communication, sales, advertisement and business transactions are now being carried out through various mediums. These mediums have proven to be extremely significant and useful in various fields and sectors. The ability to connect with thousands of potential clients across the globe and generate as much traffic and productivity towards a targeted audience is really rife.

The key mediums that have proven to be very effective include social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and whatsapp. Another medium is content marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click also known as PPC. However, these mediums have been leveraged on over the years especially for Small and Medium Enterprises SME’s and businesses/organizations of any kind.

It is important to note that Digital Marketing has been able to initiate growth through these platforms which have affected the impact and influence of products that began with a single point of genesis as against the traditional form of marketing which used to be limited and very expensive. An example is the radio advert.

A combined effort in creating innovative products and services that is relevant and also meets the demands of a particular community will trigger higher commercial effect. The influence of Digital Marketing no longer stands alone as a separate discipline but has rather become more integrated into real life experiences and the two are becoming seamless. Online experience begins prior to events and continue during the events.

We are a society that is driven by digital technology. Basic amenities may not be available but smartphones are everywhere. Digital Marketing has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases and life habits. Companies need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital space to maximize their brand awareness and impact. One-on-one messaging and private chat groups are making waves right now.

Other factors that will continue to create a ripple effect in Digital Marketing include good customer service and remarkable interaction. It is expedient to note that each online engagement we make generates an impact either positively or negatively. This in return is picked up and re-shared by others. Whichever way the case may be, when online tools are properly and effectively created, there will be a continuous effect in which contents will reach target audience and the results will be endless.

Digital Marketing provides unlimited capacity to create platforms that continue to expand globally. Applying the right and most effective strategy and proper research is all that matters.

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