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How To Apply For Greece Student, Study Visa From Nigeria. Application Requirement, Fees & Processing Time

how to apply for greece study visa from nigeria

How To Apply For Greece Student, Study Visa From Nigeria. Application Requirement, Fees & Processing Time

Studying in Greece can be one of the most interesting opportunities you would not want to miss out in life. The serene environment provided by the country is one of the reasons students immigrants are attracted to the country.  Experiencing the rich traditional and cultural values of Greeks is an addition to the numbers side benefits to enjoy by choosing Greece as your preferred destination.

Gaining visa to European countries could be herculean most times, and Greece is not left out on the list. In order to help you however, we made this article direct and precise for you to find it easy in getting the visa you so much wanted.

Purpose Of Travel

The methods of obtaining Visa to international destinations are quite different, depending on the purpose of your visitation. A person going on holiday will require a different visa from the person going on a business trip. The kind of visa depends on whether you are going on a short term or long term visitation. Example of short term visas are; Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Conference Visa, Event Visa, Medical Visa while Long term Visas includes; Relocation Visa, Employment Visa, Family Reunion Visa, Student Visa, e.t.c. As a student going with the intention of studying in the country, it means you are going to stay there for more than the stipulated ninety (90) days for a short term visa. That put you on the list of long term visitors to the country. Therefore, you would need a Greece student visa to study in Greece. A student visa ensure you stay more than ninety day which supports your academic program in the country ninety. Contrary to the general belief, it is quiet easy to get a Greece study visa if done in the right way.  


For Nigerians, To make a Greece visa appointment, you must appear personally at the Greece embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. You will be given a visa application form upon request. However, it is advisable that you visit the Greece embassy website prior to your visit to the Greece embassy in Lagos or Abuja to make it more easier. You are to fill the form online and print the hardcopy which will be attached to other documents that will be taken to the Greece embassy in lagos or Abuja as discussed below.

Visa Application Requirements

  • International Passport: The passport must have a validity that extends over six months beyond your stay in the a student immigrant; there must be at least two blank pages in the passport for your student visa. However, amendment pages at the back of visas are not necessary for getting student visa.
  • Passport Sized Photograph: You will be required to affix two passport sized photograph to your document as a means of identification. These photographs must be of white background.
  • Statement Of Purpose: A brief expressing why your purpose and in this case, the reason you prefer to study Greece.
  • Letter of Acceptance: You must have your acceptance letter from your chosen school at ready as this will be required at the embassy for the processing of your student visa. This is to ensure the sincerity of your visit.
  • Security Clearance: You must have a signed clearance by one of the security agencies in your country, for Nigerians, the Police is more preferable.
  • Medical Clearance:  You must have a medical clearance certificate from a reputable Medical Centre clearing you of any form of transmissible disease. A health insurance certificate to show that you are covered in case of medical emergency.
  • Sponsorship: You must be able to prove that you have sufficient sponsorship. You can show this with a sworn affidavit from parent(s) declaring their intention to cover the expenses of your studies while abroad. Or if on scholarship, you must be able to show your scholarship certificate as a means of sustenance while abroad.
  • Personal Appearance: Greece travel visa required your personal appearance at the Greece embassy office in Lagos or Abuja. After filling your application onlines as discussed above, you are to make an interview appointment with the embassy near you. The Abuja Office is situated at NO. 24, Agadez Street, Wuse 11, Abuja. While that of Lagos is situated at NO. 35, Agbodogba Avenue, Park view Estate, Ikoyi Lagos. Or you can make your appointment via their email  

Greece Visa Processing Fee

For every visa seekers, price is one of the first things to consider, I know you must have been wondering how much to get Greece visa from Nigeria. The price for getting Greece visa from Nigeria is not that high as that of some international destinations. As at now, it stands at $88 U.S dollars. However, you must follow due process to avoid extortion. Processing Greece student visa is something you can do by yourself without involving any intermediary.

Visa Processing Time

After you must have made a visa appointment with the Greece embassy in Lagos and fill your Visa application form following the above directives to the last order, you will have to wait for the minimum of one week and maximum of four weeks for the processing of your student visa application. Do not panic over  the period you have to wait, it’s the normal process and you would be invited by the embassy as soon as your application is completed.

    The Mediterranean sea of Greece and the ancients cities of Athens are part of the things that gives the country a special flair. But that’s not all. The great Meteora of Greece has been thought to be one of the wonders of the world. The cities of Zakynthos, Santorini, Mykonos, Lesbos Paros e.t.c are full of awesome sights you would not want to miss. Besides would you not want to cruise in the famous Love Boats on the friendly tide of the country’s seas? I bet you would. There are so many interesting things to make you study in Greece a memorable one we hope you find this helpful in achieving that dream.

Goodluck with your application.



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