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Are you a talented writer? If yes, NaijaGists.com is currently hiring high quality content writers based in Nigeria for immediate employment.

Requirements: You must be resourceful and gifted in writing good quality contents on any topic.

Payments: We pay per article basis ( weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at writer’s requests).

Article Requirements

(1) 1800 words and above

(2) Be unique and free of plagiarism

(3) straight forward and clear to all readers

(4) Writers must have good command of English and be able to carry along the readers.

Terms And Conditions for Acceptance and Payment

(1) Writers must submit not less than 3 articles per day

(2) All articles must  be approved before payment is issued

How To Apply:

  • Please request for 2 topics from NaijaGists.com.
  • Your Acceptance will be based on the articles you provided.
  • Your Article must be unique before we can review it. If you send duplicated or copied articles, we will not reply your application

To Request for article, please send an email to [email protected] with subject “Request For Articles”.

Article Writing Guidelines:

(1) Article Topic: All articles should be on topics that aid daily living. These are education, shopping, health, home remedies, wealth,food, business, investment, How-to Guides, banking, Traveling, Food, Culture and Marriage, Relationship, Traveling and many more.

(2) Article Length: The word count should not be less than 1800 words. We have some writers who write 2000+ words. So, do not limit your ideas to 1800 words. We expect you to express yourself more freely.

(3) Post Image: If you have a very relevant image, just copy it and paste at where you will want it to appear in the article.

(4) Article Length: The word count should be 1800 words or more. We have some writers who write over 2000 words. So, do not limit your ideas to 1800 words.

We expect you to express yourself more freely in the article.

Compensation: Please ask about compensation when you submit your 2 requested articles for review.

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