Dino Melaye Leads Protesters To Ministry Of Justice Abuja Over Pension Thief Sentence (Photos)

protest ministry of justice abuja

Jan 30, 2013 – Dino Melaye Leads Protesters To Ministry Of Justice Abuja Over Police Pension Thief Sentence (Photos)

On Wednesday the 30th of January 2013, several civil organizations in Nigeria joined hands to protest the judgement handed to Police Pension fund thief, John Yakubu Yusuf by an High Court in Abuja.

The protest was led by Dino Melaye and members of The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)

See more photos from the protest below.

9 thoughts on “Dino Melaye Leads Protesters To Ministry Of Justice Abuja Over Pension Thief Sentence (Photos)

  1. Call DiNo watever u like…..But I really like d guy……..Alwayz against dem Bad Goverment…..Dunno if he really is one of dem……But @ least d guy is gud…….

  2. dinos broda inlaw should pocket his mouth and zip it.dino well done.god wil protect u 4 d gud job.and ordinary ahmed isah of brekete family.god wil guid d good people who is fightin 4 d poor.

  3. Wonders will never end goes an adage. If someone can stole as much as N32.8 Billion Naira and was later ask to part with 0.75 Million Naira and go unpurnished, this is a disgrace to our Judicial system. The whole world will continue to laugh at us because all these arrangee judgement will continue to dent the image of our beloved country. Honestly, I begin to doubt the geniuness of our anti-corruption crusade. In a null-shell justice in Nigeria today is only meant to purnish the ordinary man while the rich remain immune.

  4. I tire oooo……IF A PeRSON WU STEAL A PHONE CAN B SENTENCED 2 3yrz WITOUT D OPTION OF FINE…………I WONDa AW PERSON WU STOLE #32.8 Billion CAN B GiVen 2YrZ….wit just a mere token change of 250k……..oga gan ooo……Nigeria Jaga JaGA…..EveRYTin ScaTTeR SCaTTeR……… PooR Man dey SuFFeR…….RicH MaN deY LaFF…….

  5. The law in Nigeria is only meant for the poor.. Imagine somebody who stole common vegetable is been sentence to prison without an option of fine; but a man who stole #32 billion meant for police pension payment is given just 2 years in prison with an option of fine of just #750,000 on three count charges which he paid from the money in his back pocket, living him to go and enjoy the rest of the stolen billions… This is not how to fight corruption because they (JUDICIARY) are just encouraging who ever that want to steal, to steal in billions and be set free or steal a tuber of yam and you will rot in jail…… 9ja na wa oooo!!!!!!

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