Disgraced Tonto Dikeh Caught On Video Shouting On Nanny For Exposing Her Dirty Secrets

tonto dikeh shouting on nanny

May 14, 2017 – Disgraced Tonto Dikeh Caught On Video Yelling On Nanny For Exposing Her Dirty Secrets

Tonto Dikeh was caught off guard when her sick Nanny exposed her to Queen Ashley foundation at Maitama Hospital in Abuja few days ago.

On Saturday, a video  of Tonto’s Nanny Mgbechi Enyinnaya surfaced online where she accused her madam of abandonment. She was given N100,000 to treat herself.

When Tonto Dikeh saw that the story has gone viral, she allegedly cooked up a lie to cover up her nonchallant attitude towards the poor woman.

In the video below, Tonto Dikeh who her estranged hubby claimed to have anger problem was seen yelling on the poor woman. She didn’t even allow her to reveal what she told Queen Ashley Foundation.

She also released her own version of the story in a disclaimer issued through her colleague, Halima Abubakar;

17 thoughts on “Disgraced Tonto Dikeh Caught On Video Shouting On Nanny For Exposing Her Dirty Secrets

  1. Please let tonto rest. She didn’t shout at the woman. In a situation where she is trying to tarnish tonto’s image tonto is allowed to raise her voice.

  2. This Prostitute Tonto Dike can lie to any length,she lives in fake life so much,i cn now understand why my friend (olakunle) run away for his dear life,Tonto is one among Malaysia prostitute before,she is a celebrity in sun way pyramid,so to have sex with her,you must pay at least 1,000 Malaysian ringgit ,so now Nigerians are celebrating and vibrating an ex prostitute,lol

    • Your comments are intended to rubbish Tonto but has only exposed to be a *******. It is up to Tonto to decide on who to spend her money on. This woman is not her mama so can not force Tonto do pay her hospital bill. Period.

    • @braless what do you and your friend do in Malaysia if not ……..so stop pointing fingers at Tonto

  3. the only thing tonto said I don’t like is about the cloth she dash to the children and the woman, girl sorry u used such arrogant words because u dash them cloth does not mean you will sing it in the public

  4. Tonto I understand that maybe the woman might be speaking the truth but you don’t raise your voice on her like that she’s fit to be your mom, plus If she’s doing it to tarnish your image leave her in the hands of God… now that you have talked about what you have done for her all that reward might go in vain, People like that I don’t respond to at all.

  5. Nigerian and *****mentality . A bad behavior is a bad behaviour. Why would the nanny be disseminating lies about tontot? Does age justify a bad behaviour? Moreso, was she not paid for services rendered? .
    Some of you should put yourself in other people position and stop letting your poverty attitude direct your mentality and thought

  6. They wash out side of cup and leaving the inside dirty. Tonto Foundation should know Charity begins at home. Period!!!

  7. I think we have to stop been so judgemental and leave this woman alone. If you cannot do what someone does, don’t criticize them. What she is say is simple and pure. People will like to take you to the laundry, because you already have problems. This woman is being ungrateful. leave Tonto alone and let her breathe.

  8. Thanks true Fifelomo and Ama. 99% of our Nigerians are very very ungrateful. Shame. You can give them all what you have they will still say you are bad. Tonto has all the right to tell the world what has done to the woman. Why must she hide her feelings. Bad woman. Even if you strip yourself naked our Nigerians will never be grateful, until they kill one.

    Best way to deal with our Nigerians is when you are rich just forget about them and go never return back to look at their suffering. They are honestly ungrateful.

  9. Nigerians and their entitled mentality. I live and work in the US, if I get sick I do not expect my employer to pay for my hospital bill. He expects me to use my salary to take care of my personal needs. This is why some Nigerians will never progress, they sit on their hands and wait for others or family members to support them, they think you are horrible person if you don’t give them money. Unless you are disabled (mentally or physically), go and struggle and work like the rest of us!!!

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