Baby Michael Lawyer Writes Kate Henshaw & Project Alert, Asks For Audited Account Of Fund Raised

baby michael lawyer writes kate henshaw

May 14, 2017 – Cancer Patient Baby Michael Lawyer Debunks Lies Peddled By Kate Henshaw & Project Alert, Asks For Audited Account Of Donations & Expenditure


We are compelled to release this statement to debunk the lies and misinformation peddled by Kate Henshaw and Project Alert.

Kate Henshaw through Project Alert had thankfully intervened to help save Baby Michael’s life after seeking and obtaining the family’s consent to do same sometime in March of 2016. The basis for intervention and the subsequent family consent was a promise to campaign for funds publicly and to thereafter arrange for overseas treatment.

It must be said that the family and Project Alert enjoyed a cordial working relationship in admitting Baby Michael to Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) until medical staff of LUTH embarked on industrial action. Sometime in June of 2016. Owing to this, Baby Michael was moved, along with his grandmother, to Project Alert’s shelter at 21, Akinsanya Street, off Isheri Road, Berger, Lagos.

While at Project Alert’s shelter, Baby Michael began to react to new rounds of medications he had begun to be administered with. Upon further findings by Baby Michael’s family, it was discovered that the new medication was different from the prescribed medication by doctors at LUTH. The family thence demanded immediate review of the boy’s medication, fearing for Baby Michael’s life who was about 15(fifteen) months old at the time.

Following series of meetings, which included officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development, the disagreements were temporarily resolved while Project Alert continued to cater for Baby Michael.

However, the family began to ask if any arrangements were being made to fly the baby out for medical treatment as promised, particularly as Baby Michael was not showing any visible improvement. Moreso, Project Alert had informed the family that they had raised N……………………

This again led to a new round of dispute between the Family and Project Alert, so much that Josephine Effah Chukwuma the Executive Director of Project Alert threatened to use the Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Youths and Social Development to deprive the family of access to Baby Michael.

She went ahead with her threat when on 23rd day of December, 2016 officials from the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development visited LUTH with the stated intention of directing officials of LUTH to discharge Baby Michael for onward admission to a motherless babies’ home.

Upon being informed by the development by Baby Michael’s grandmother who had been with him all the while, the family swung into action and demanded full custody of the child. It was at one of the several

meetings that the family was informed by the officials of Department of Social Services under the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development that Project Alert had withdrawn from the care of Baby Michael. Project Alert had withdrawn from the baby’s care without any notice to the family.

After much struggle, officials of the Department of Social Services under the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development finally agreed to release the baby to the family on the condition that a sworn affidavit by a family member promising to take responsibility for the baby and a visit by the said officials to physically inspect the surroundings and conditions Baby Michael would be catered under.

She was however forced to contact the firm of Beacon Solicitors when Josephine Effah Chukwuma continued threaten she would ensure the family does not have access to Baby Michael. A letter was swiftly written on behalf of the family to the Honourable Commissioner for Justice & Attorney General of Lagos State putting the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Youths and Social Development and Josephine Effah Chuwuma of Project Alert in copy. Copy of said Letter is hereby attached.

May we state that it was subsequent to the letter that Baby Michael was finally released to the family via a letter from the office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youths and Social Development.

Baby Michael now in custody of the family, Project Alert having withdrawn from the care of the boy while not doing a press conference to notify the donors of their intention to withdraw, the family had no choice but to demand an audited account of finds received and expended on behalf of the baby.

We wish to state categorically that at no time did the family of Baby Michael demand for money from Project Alert or Kate Henshaw. In fact, available evidence proves otherwise. Copy of Letter of Demand for Audited Account is hereby attached.

It is clear from actions of Kate Henshaw and Project Alert that they played Lord over the family all because they had helped raise funds for the care of Baby Michael. They however forgot to understand the full legal implications of soliciting for funds for the care of a minor.

As for the biological mother of Baby Michael, she is of unsound mind and her whereabouts unknown. However, she has two other children whom the family has catered for since their births. It is the desire of the family to work with Project Alert in the best interest of Baby Michael, however the family completely rejects the unfounded allegations peddled in the media and attempts by Kate Henshaw and Project Alert to Lord over them.

We therefore wish to advise Kate Henshaw and Project Alert that they seek proper legal advice before playing to the court of public opinion and to desist from malicious publications in respect of this matter.

We hereby reiterate our call for a full audited account of monies received and expended on behalf of Baby Michael.

Erimakpe Godwin Adelemoni

Beacon Solicitors

Chancellor Chambers

3/5 Adeyemo Alakija

Victoria Island


5 thoughts on “Baby Michael Lawyer Writes Kate Henshaw & Project Alert, Asks For Audited Account Of Fund Raised

  1. So his family can afford a lawyer but cannot treat him… Please let them treat the child and stop fighting over money.

  2. Someone is misleading the family of the boy, I think they should concentrate more on treating the boy, than all this nonsense they are up too.

  3. No body is misleading please, but kate and aramide Kasumu and project alert Josephine only use the boy to scam nigs. They back off when asked of the promised since no improvement over a year at LUTH and Dr at LUTH said no facilities here in nig for surgery

  4. Nobody is misleading them. Kate, Aramide Kasumu and project alert Josephine refused to help when Dr said michael needs medical attention abroad thatno facilities to treat him here in nig.. they now want to adopt him to motherless babies home

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